Winslow Schott, Sr. was a toymaker who turned to Intergang, who agreed to finance the construction of a toy factory. That decision would ruin him; Bruno Mannheim really wanted to operate a numbers racket, and used the toy factory to launder the profits. When the FBI brought down the numbers racket, Schott was blamed for it and convicted of the crime. The toymaker died a lonely death in prison.

His son, Winslow Jr., was robbed of his childhood, and by surrounding himself with toys he felt safe. He planned to get even on Intergang, and when Superman interfered, also vowed revenge on him.

Toyman joined Metallo's Superman Revenge Squad, and with his robot, he seemingly achieved the impossible: killing Superman. However, it later turned out that the robot's tachyon beams only displaced Superman forward in the time stream.

Toyman later joined the Legion of Doom, and sided with Luthor in the power struggle. He survived the destruction of the Legion by Darkseid, and fought off several parademons in Cairo.




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