"The Devil's Chessboard": A chess master beats his computer opponent by becoming a machine.

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Synopsis for "The Devil's Chessboard"

A chess master beats his computer opponent by becoming a machine.

Appearing in "My Daughter the Witch"

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Synopsis for "My Daughter the Witch"

A father doesn't want his son to marry a pauper so he frames her as being a witch, but when the locals attempt to stone her to death, he relents from a guilty conscience and admits his deceit. The girl approaches the father alone and drops the disguise revealing her true hag-like appearance. She gloats that she really is a witch knowing that no one would believe him now and then returns to her husband to be.

Appearing in "No Coffin Can Hold Me"

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Synopsis for "No Coffin Can Hold Me"

An escape artist asks a coffin maker to design a coffin as a challenging death trap, and he does, but he includes a tape sealed inside which provides instructions after there are only thirty seconds of air left in the coffin as he doesn't want to be responsible for the escape artist's death. When time is up and they remove the escape artist's dead body from the coffin, the coffin maker begins to suspect the escape artist's assistant of poisoning his drink before he entered the coffin so that the man had died before he ever heard the exit instruction tape. When the coffin maker confronts the assistant, the assistant slugs him and runs off to hide in one of the airtight coffins and suffocates.


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