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Wolfgang Schmidt

Wolfgang Schmidt
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Wolfgang Schmidt
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businessman; concentration camp commander

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Wolfgang Schmidt was a commander of a concentration camp in Poland in World War II. When Germany lost he later met a children's author, Elizabeth Lewis an American woman. Out of there marriage came a single child Christopher that they raised in Austria. Until they learned of the respected businessman's shady past. Shattered by the ensuing scandal, Wolfgang Schmidt took his own life on Christopher's fifth birthday.

Just a Figment of your Imagination

Christopher never told anyone how he witnessed his father's suicide, but the incident scarred Christopher deeply for life. To Christopher his father appeared in his dream clad in a jet black SS uniform. push him to work harder to be worthy of the Nazi legacy.

Christopher never revealed his father voice to anyone.

It seems Christopher had help in suppressing his fathers voice lately. Or it was suppressed by the Reach programming that was imprinted in his mind. What ever the reason Wolfgang hasn't appeared to haunt Christopher for a long time. Causing him to appear more sane and collected. But a son could never forget his father.


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