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Buzz/Penciler, Wade Von Grawbadger/Inker, Patricia Mulvihill/Colourist, Kurt Hathaway/Letterer, Peter Tomasi/Editor, Morgan Dontanville/Editor, Shalimar (New Earth)/Quotes, Diana of Themyscira (New Earth)/Appearances, Hippolyta (New Earth)/Appearances, Amazons of Bana-Mighdall/Appearances, Artemis of Bana-Mighdall (New Earth)/Appearances, Antiope (New Earth)/Appearances, Falizia (New Earth)/Appearances, Phthia (New Earth)/Appearances, Rashira (New Earth)/Appearances, Shalimar (New Earth)/Appearances, Amazons of Themyscira/Appearances, Donna Troy (New Earth)/Appearances, Menalippe (New Earth)/Appearances, Mnemosyne II (New Earth)/Appearances, Niobe (New Earth)/Appearances, Philippus (New Earth)/Appearances, Penelope (New Earth)/Appearances, Timandra (New Earth)/Appearances, Diana Prince (New Earth)/Appearances, Helena Kosmatos (New Earth)/Appearances, Diana Rockwell (New Earth)/Appearances, Stephen Trevor (New Earth)/Appearances, Armageddon (New Earth)/Appearances, Circe (New Earth)/Appearances, Cottus (New Earth)/Appearances, Dark Angel (Earth-Seven)/Appearances, Uxas (New Earth)/Appearances, Herakles (New Earth)/Appearances, Imperiex-Prime (New Earth)/Appearances, Magala (New Earth)/Appearances, Ariadne of Knossos (New Earth)/Appearances, Melanippus (New Earth)/Appearances, Neron (New Earth)/Appearances, Helmut Streicher (New Earth)/Appearances, Cyrus Gold (New Earth)/Appearances, Theseus (New Earth)/Appearances, Villainy, Inc./Appearances, Priscilla Rich (New Earth)/Appearances, Princess Maru (New Earth)/Appearances, Hypnotic Woman (New Earth)/Appearances, Zara (New Earth)/Appearances, Alan Witherspoon (New Earth)/Appearances, Asmund Lindel (New Earth)/Appearances, Benjamin Hecht (New Earth)/Appearances, Felix Zumac (New Earth)/Appearances, Henri Claude Tibet (New Earth)/Appearances, Lin Koo Teng (New Earth)/Appearances, Lois Lane (New Earth)/Appearances, Maritza Nitumbe (New Earth)/Appearances, Phyllis Haller (New Earth)/Appearances, Robert Cantwell (New Earth)/Appearances, Rovo Quashi (New Earth)/Appearances, Vladimir Morakov (New Earth)/Appearances, Gods of Olympus/Appearances, Aphrodite (New Earth)/Appearances, Ares (New Earth)/Appearances, Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt (New Earth)/Appearances, Pallas Athena (New Earth)/Appearances, Gaea (New Earth)/Appearances, Hera (New Earth)/Appearances, Poseidon (New Earth)/Appearances, Holliday Girls (New Earth)/Appearances, Julia Deneiros (New Earth)/Appearances, Justice League of America (New Earth)/Appearances, Bruce Wayne (New Earth)/Appearances, William Batson (New Earth)/Appearances, Guy Gardner (New Earth)/Appearances, Justice Society of America (New Earth)/Appearances, Albert Pratt (New Earth)/Appearances, Jason Garrick (New Earth)/Appearances, Alan Scott (New Earth)/Appearances, Carter Hall (New Earth)/Appearances, Shiera Sanders (New Earth)/Appearances, Kal-El (New Earth)/Appearances, Young All-Stars/Appearances, Daniel Dunbar (New Earth)/Appearances, Flying Fox (New Earth)/Appearances, Arnold Munro (New Earth)/Appearances, Neptune Perkins (New Earth)/Appearances, Miya Shimada (New Earth)/Appearances, Germany/Appearances, Greece/Appearances, Athens, Greece/Appearances, Mount Olympus/Appearances, Amazonia/Appearances, Paradise Island/Appearances, United States of America/Appearances, Fort Church Naval Base/Appearances, Virginia/Appearances, New York City/Appearances, New York/Appearances, Holliday College/Appearances, Gold Armor/Appearances, Lasso of Truth/Appearances, Lansinarian Morphing Disk/Appearances, Our Worlds at War, Comics, 2001, 2001, September, 2001, July (Publication), Modern-Age, Synopsis Written, Comics by Title, One Shots, Comics W, 2001 One Shots, Wonder Woman One Shots, Our Worlds at War Crossover

Wonder Woman: Our Worlds at War Vol 1 1


Wonder Woman: Our Worlds at War Vol 1 1

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"Inspiration!": As storms rage and Earth wages war against the forces of Imperiex, the Amazonian oracles are consulted to see what part the two tribes should play in the conflict. The Amazons of Bana-Mighdall want to fight immediately, but the Themyscirans are

Quote1 So wait-- Princess Diana inspired Hippolyta, who inspired Diana Rockwell, who inspired Hippolyta, who inspired Diana, who inspired Hippolyta... Quote2
-- Shalimar

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Synopsis for "Inspiration!"

As storms rage and Earth wages war against the forces of Imperiex, the Amazonian oracles are consulted to see what part the two tribes should play in the conflict. The Amazons of Bana-Mighdall want to fight immediately, but the Themyscirans are not so sure. While they attend the oracles' decision, the Themyscirans try to explain their love for their former queen Hippolyta who is currently fighting in man's world. As the two tribes discuss their history, their points of similarity and conflict become gradually clearer.

As their history reaches the present day, the oracles scream - Hippolyta, they see, has died in the conflict. At this news, both tribes, led by Artemis and Philippus, are at an agreement: the Amazons are going to war.


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