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"Wanted - Wonder Woman": Diana Prince approaches Steve Trevor with the latest reports on flying saucers found in the area. Steve dismisses this idea as just another hoax and leaves the office in order to be on time for a date with Wonder Woman. With Steve gone, Diana quickly changes and rushes o

Appearing in "Wanted - Wonder Woman"

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  • Space Invaders




Synopsis for "Wanted - Wonder Woman"

Diana Prince approaches Steve Trevor with the latest reports on flying saucers found in the area. Steve dismisses this idea as just another hoax and leaves the office in order to be on time for a date with Wonder Woman. With Steve gone, Diana quickly changes and rushes off to meet with Steve as her alter ego. Meeting in the air, the two spot a flying saucer heading toward them. Engaging it in combat, Wonder Woman proves to be more than a match for the alien ship forcing them to flee. Unwilling to give up their attempts at conquering the Earth, the aliens pool together their collective mental powers to put Wonder Woman under their control in an effort to discredit her in the public eye.

Sure enough, their ploy works and they take control of Wonder Woman, interrupting her date with Steve. Their first attempt at controlling her works when the force her to accept Steve's most recent marriage proposal. Briefly regaining control, Wonder Woman jumps down to the ground below to try and find a way out of the mess she's gotten herself in. When she attempts to jump to her invisible jet, they interfere again, almost making her fall to her death, but she avoids fatality by grabbing onto a radio tower of a large skyscraper.

Climbing down to the city streets, Wonder Woman is once more taken under the control of the aliens and is being forced to rob a jewelry store. She manages to resist the urge to do so, and almost gets hit by a car for her troubles. But eventually the aliens exert their control and force her to instead rob a bank, which she does with relative ease. Now wanted outlaw, Wonder Woman is hounded by Steve Trevor and the military, asking her to surrender or suffer the consequences.

However, this is all a ploy as the aliens soon find out: As they leave Wonder Woman to her fate to exert their dominance over the world by destroying the Statue of Liberty, Wonder Woman springs into action and lassos up their flying ship and sends it flying back out into space. Revealing the truth to Steve, explaining that she only stole useless junk out of the bank, Steve decides not to hold her to her promise to get married because she was being manipulated by alien forces.

Appearing in "The Stamps of Doom"

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Synopsis for "The Stamps of Doom"

One day while out at the beach, Wonder Woman comes across a toy boat and picks it up thinking some child must have lost it. To her surprise it begins to rapidly grow and become unstable and so she tosses it out into the ocean where it explodes in a massive mushroom cloud. Witnessing this, the villain known as the Stamp-Master decides to go forward with his plan to destroy Wonder Woman now that he knows that his special formula now works.

The following day, the US Postal service unveils that it is going to be issuing three special edition stamps that depict exploits carried out by Wonder Woman in the past. Learning of this mission from Steve Trevor and General Darnell, she learns that to commemorate the event, replicas of the stamps are going to be taken along on three different expeditions: One aboard a space rocket piloted by Steve Trevor as he goes into space to recover a space satellite, another board a new atomic sub attempting to break the the speed record to the north pole piloted by Wonder Woman, and the third will be transported in a specially constructed robot jeep piloted by Diana Prince and General Darnell.

Realizing that she's going to have to come up with a clever way to maintain her double identity, Wonder Woman rushes off to change into Diana Prince when Steve and Darnell go to tell "Diana" the news. That night, after a public display of the stamps, the Stamp-Master breaks into the museum where they are being stored and replaces them with replicas that he has coated with he special explosive formula. The next morning, Wonder Woman is placed aboard the sub she quickly launches herself out of the torpedo bay so that she can rush to the mainland and ride in the jeep as Diana Prince. While she and Darnell take their ride, Diana witnesses as the stamp begins to grow in much the same way as the ship she saw the day before. Using the growing stamp like a rotor blade on a helicopter, Diana flies up into the air and tosses the stamp some place safe.

Realizing the other two stamps pose the same danger, Diana risks blowing her secret identity by going after them, hoping that Darnell doesn't look over his shoulder and sees that Diana Prince is missing. First she rushes to the submarine where she tries to eject the second stamp out of the torpedo bay. She and the stamp get caught up by an octopus, until Wonder Woman can break away and toss the stamp to a deserted island where it detonates harmlessly. She then flies into space where she boards Steve's rocket ship and grabs the third and final stamp and tosses it through Earth's atmosphere so that it burns up in re-entry.

Deducing who is responsible, Wonder Woman rushes back to the museum with a fake stamp and scares the Stamp-Master into a confession before turning him over to the military police. She quickly rushes back to the jeep where she is relieved to find that it has driven into a sandstorm. As she changes back into Diana Prince she learns that Darnell was completely unaware that she had left. Much later, while on a date with Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman wonders why he has taken her to the post office. He tells her that he's come to buy enough stamps to wallpaper his room so that all he sees is her whenever he wakes up first thing in the morning.



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