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"Echoes of the Past": The vulture which has guided Hippolyte has also allowed her past Doom's Doorway and into the caverns beyond. The door sealed behind her, she is set upon by bat-like demons. She defeats them with fire.

Appearing in "Echoes of the Past"

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  • Home of Everett & Edna Aanonson (First appearance)



Synopsis for "Echoes of the Past"

The vulture which has guided Hippolyte has also allowed her past Doom's Doorway and into the caverns beyond. The door sealed behind her, she is set upon by bat-like demons. She defeats them with fire.

Steve sits by his father's bedside and speaks to the man, though he's passed on, telling him the things he'd wanted to say while he was still alive. Etta looks at a photo of Steve's mother, a beautiful, blonde woman named Diana, who died nearly 40 years before.

Diana Trevor introduces herself to Princess Diana, saying they were destined to have this meeting, this challenge to accept her true destiny. She tells Diana her history; her love of flying, becoming a barnstormer, her meeting and subsequent marriage to Ulysses Stephen Trevor, the start of WWII, and the birth of her son. Diana learns her namesake is Steve Trvor's mother, and some of her role in the war.

Pan journey's through the caverns. He takes the dead hydra's teeth, planning to conceal his plan. Hippolyta follows the vulture after Diana, even as Pan plants the dread teeth. Playing his pipes, he raises skeletons to fight Hippolyta.

Steve and Etta talk about his mother, looking at old photos. At the same time, Diana Trevor tells Diana of her last goodbye to Steve in 1948 and how her plane came to crash near Themyscira.

Hippolyta battles and defeats the skeletons and comes to the two portals. The waling nearly defeats her, but the vulture silences it. The vulture leads her down the left portal. Pan follows, certain her death is assured without Diana to help her.

Diana Trevor continues her tale. She awoke on the shores of Themyscira amd heard a battle. She came to Doom's Doorway where the Cottus was trying to escape past the guard. She fired her gun, saving Philippus, but Cottus escaped, taking Menalippe with it. Philippus and Diana pursued. The creature overpowered them, was going to kill them, when she shot it between the eyes.

Steve tells Etta about getting the news, the day before Christmas. His mother had been lost.

Diana remembered little more. She whispered her name to someone, and then died. Princees Diana is taken aback by this, but Hades appears to explain. He continues the tale after Diana's death. The Amazons honored her as a fallen warrior hero, forging armor for her using the standards on her clothing, the American flag, as a guide. Two such outfits were made, one she was cremated in, the other set in a place of honor along with her weapon. Wonder Woman now wears the second suit of armor.

As Ulysses Trevor's funereal procedes, Hades tells Diana Trevor that a loved one awaits her on the Elyssium Fields. Meanwhile, Steve remembers a dream of his mother watching over him.

Emerging, Diana is confronted by Pan. He tells her that his is the next test, to go to Oa and meet the Guardians and face the Manhunters. Diana has accepted her destiny now, she is Diana, and she is Wonder Woman, daughter of two worlds. She plunges ahead without question, apparently falling for Pan's trap.

Her guide vanished, Hyppolita pushes on. She is attacked by harpies. The harpies shove her from the cliff. She catches herself with her axe, eliciting a cry of pain? She recognizes then that the stone is in the form of a man, Heracles.


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