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Wonder Woman Vol 2 126


Wonder Woman Vol 2 126

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"Where Have All the Heroes Gone?": Still in the Gateway Memorial Hospital, Wonder Woman has been put into a hyperbaric chamber as doctors remain baffled by her condition. Several friends are still around and especially [[Cassandra Sandsmark (New Earth)|Cassie

Quote1 I just know, that's all. Diana's not going to die. She can't ... Quote2
-- Cassandra Sandsmark

Appearing in "Where Have All the Heroes Gone?"

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  • Gateway Memorial Hospital



Synopsis for "Where Have All the Heroes Gone?"

Still in the Gateway Memorial Hospital, Wonder Woman has been put into a hyperbaric chamber as doctors remain baffled by her condition. Several friends are still around and especially Cassie Sandsmark insists that Diana will survive.

Meanwhile, Herakles returns to Olympus carrying a lifeless Zeus. Both have been at the Source Wall and Herakles found Zeus in this critical condition after he himself had been attacked by Ares.

A group of heroes is still within the Source fighting the forces of Darkseid. Donna Troy and Hippolyta are there as well and are suddenly being attacked mentally. Now both have hallucinations - on the one hand, Hippolyta sees a dying Wonder Woman who claims that she was betrayed by her mother, on the other hand, Donna sees younger versions of herself and the original Teen Titans. They all mock Donna for her age and for her life being a total failure ...


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