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in: Dick Giordano/Executive Editor, George Pérez/Cover Artist, George Pérez/Writer
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Wonder Woman Vol 2 13


Wonder Woman Vol 2 13

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"Demonplague": Though she pities the petrified Heracles - whose helpless body the harpies relentlessly claw - Hippolyte remains determined to find her daughter first. Her search eventually carries her to the lair of the blind cyclops Polyphemus, where - to her shock - she finds the remains of Pa

Quote1 From Prometheus through Heracles through Ares we have let this madness escalate - but no longer! I know now that Gaea's destiny is to be finally fulfilled through the Amazons - and I will not allow you to abuse them! Quote2
-- Hera

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Synopsis for "Demonplague"

Though she pities the petrified Heracles - whose helpless body the harpies relentlessly claw - Hippolyte remains determined to find her daughter first. Her search eventually carries her to the lair of the blind cyclops Polyphemus, where - to her shock - she finds the remains of Pan. This discovery spreads to Olympus, where the Gods realize Pan had been killed and impersonated by a Manhunter long ago. This impostor Pan had manipulated Zeus against the Amazons for his own ends.

On Hera's command, Hermes flies to the Green Lantern Citadel, tells Wonder Woman of these discoveries, and returns her to the Themysciran caves. Wonder Woman arrives just in time to save her mother from the hungry Polyphemus, whom she then binds with the Lasso of Truth. To the Amazons' surprise, the cyclops begs for death; his blindness hampers his hunting ability, and a curse on his lair prevents him from starving to death or committing suicide, forcing him to endure centuries of hunger.

As the Amazons commiserate over Polyphemus and Heracles, Echidna strikes with a pair of new minions: the Minotaur and the Chimera. The monstrous trio find stiff resistance, and the Chimera is soon driven off, while Echidna is beheaded by Hippolyte. Meanwhile, the Minotaur is attacked by a mysteriously-freed Polyphemus, who grapples the bull-man - and himself - into a nearby chasm.

Wonder Woman and Hippolyte next encounter Ares' daughter Harmonia, now cleansed of her father's corruption. Harmonia explains it was she who'd been Hippolyte's vulture guide, and she who'd freed Polyphemus, all in service to the true aim of the Challenge of the Gods - to remove the demonplague beneath Themyscira and host it within her father. Her own role fulfilled, Harmonia presents the two Amazons with the Lasso of Truth and her amulet and vanishes.

As Wonder Woman ponders these items, she sees the Chimera driving away Heracles' harpy tormentors, and realizes the petrified demigod - the "greatest treasure" mentioned by Zeus - is the demonplague's current host. For the Challenge to be satisfied, Heracles must be freed - and for Heracles to be freed, he must know forgiveness for his prior sins. To this end, Wonder Woman binds her mother to Heracles with the Lasso of Truth, using its magic to link their spirits.

The gamble pays off, restoring Heracles to flesh and releasing the demonplague. Wonder Woman absorbs the impact of these demons with Harmonia's amulet - an impact that sends earthquakes through Themyscira and Man's World alike, but an impact she manages to resist. The amulet and Wonder Woman are then transported to Areopagus, where Ares - with the heroine's reluctant leave - absorbs the demonplague into himself.

Moments later, Hermes reappears and presents Wonder Woman with one last task: journey back into Man's World, and avenge the murder of his son Pan.



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