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Wonder Woman Vol 2 14


Wonder Woman Vol 2 14

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"For The Glory Of Gaea": With the Millennium affair over and the false Pan dead, Wonder Woman hurries to retrieve her wounded mother from Themyscira's caves. To her shock, the heroine also finds the restored Heracles holding up the island's foundations; the demigod is not yet purged of his s

Quote1 I could not admit that the Amazons were not preaching domination over man, but rather equal merit! Thus I allowed madness to cloud my heart - and thus did I abuse ye all - most especially your loving Queen! I betrayed ye - and that is unforgivable! Nevertheless, I do now beg your forgiveness! Quote2
-- Heracles

Appearing in "For The Glory Of Gaea"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Apartment of Myndi Mayer (First appearance)
  • Summer home of Prof. Julia Kapatelis
  • Home of Everett & Edna Aanonson
  • Coliseum
  • Doom's Doorway (Destroyed)
  • Island of Healing
  • Senate Chamber
  • Temple of Hades



Synopsis for "For The Glory Of Gaea"

With the Millennium affair over and the false Pan dead, Wonder Woman hurries to retrieve her wounded mother from Themyscira's caves. To her shock, the heroine also finds the restored Heracles holding up the island's foundations; the demigod is not yet purged of his sins, and since the demonplague earthquakes have shattered most of Themyscira's bedrock, he must take its place.

After delivering her mother to safety, Wonder Woman returns to the exhausted - and bewildered - Heracles, who claims he deserves his torment for mistreating the Amazons. Wonder Woman objects; having already seen far too much needless suffering, she insists on relieving his burden. The Amazon's sheer nobility humbles the Gods of Olympus, who declare the Challenge of the Gods officially finished; henceforth, both Heracles and the Amazons are freed from their divine obligations, and Gaea's power will replace Themyscira's bedrock.

Wonder Woman flies Heracles to the threshold of Doom's Doorway, where a company of Amazons - Hippolyte included - await. As the Amazons watch with trepidation, Heracles becomes the first man to set foot on Themyscira. The once-proud demigod then admits all his wrongs, and begs forgiveness - forgiveness that the Amazon nation grants.

For several days after, all of Themyscira and all of Olympus celebrate (save Hermes, who still mourns his dead son). These festivities see a recovering Hippolyte reconcile with Philippus, and conclude with the Amazons burning their armaments to mark their freedom from guarding Doom's Doorway. Shortly after, Heracles shares a final kiss with Hippolyte and ascends to Olympus, at last worthy of Godhood.

Heracles' ascension is followed by a fresh round of debates among the Amazons, who remain divided on Man's merits. Desiring more knowledge, Hippolyte prompts her daughter to return to Man's World - this time, as Themyscira's official ambassador. Thus, after a final round of respects to Diana Rockwell, does Wonder Woman fly - passing Etta and Steve, who have just confessed their love for one another - passing Myndi Mayer, toying with her newest hire - back into the Kapatelis home, to Vanessa and Julia's delight.



  • Vanessa is revealed to be a fan of Bon Jovi.

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