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"Bird of Paradise/Bird of Prey!": In the wake of Silver Swan's attack at the Boston Commons fairgrounds hosting the Wonder Woman charity fair, Wonder Woman struggles to save those endagered by the blast. Steve Trevor rushes

Quote1 That was only a sample of my power! What I have done to your property, I can easily do to you! Quote2
-- Silver Swan

Appearing in "Bird of Paradise/Bird of Prey!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Mayer Publicists, Inc.
  • Gayhead Cliffs



Synopsis for "Bird of Paradise/Bird of Prey!"

In the wake of Silver Swan's attack at the Boston Commons fairgrounds hosting the Wonder Woman charity fair, Wonder Woman struggles to save those endagered by the blast. Steve Trevor rushes in to help.

Police on the scene open fire on the villain, but their bullets bounce ineffectively off her sonic shield. Silver Swan herself is horrified that she has done such damage, but Wonder Woman was too fast for her and dodged her blast, causing it to strike the ferris wheel unintentionally.

Under orders from Armstrong, she then unleashes the power of her hypersonic "Swan Song" that batters the police backwards. She denounces Wonder Woman's appearance as a grab for fame and orders in men to seize the box office receipts. Hidden within those receipts are Armstrong's true objective.

Wonder Woman is ordered to take to bags, Swan Song's "take" up to her. Fearing the danger to innocents, Diana complies. As she approaches, Swan Song drops her force Field, and Solomon Buchman fires a crossbow at her. Maxine shouts a warning, and Wonder Woman blocks the shot.

Wonder Woman grabs Silver Swan and drags her away, taking the fight clear of innocents. The bags, containing Armstrong's true objective, fall into the woods, lost.

The two begin fighting one another in mid-air and Wonder Woman ensnares her with the Lasso of Truth. The Silver Swan 's shield sends a jolt of feedback energy through the lasso, momentarily stunning the Amazon princess.

Silver Swan thinks she killed Wonder Woman, but Armstrong orders her to make sure. As she strafes the water with her somic blast, Wonder Woman erupts from the ocean and hits her with her cloak, stunning the girl. She then clips her wings with a thrown tiara, litterally severing one of Silver Swans wings. She tangles Silver Swan in the cloak, covering her face. Panicked, Silver Swan unleashed a titanic blast, which hurls both woman away. Diana lands in Pilgrim Village, stunned. Silver Swan lands elsewhere, on the beach.

Later, Wonder Woman meets with Steve Trevor and gives him his mother's service pistol - her only surviving possession from her time spent on Themyscira. Afterwards, she returns to Wakefield and has a heartfelt conversation with Vanessa. She allays Vanessa's fears about her smitten boyfriend Barry. She also confesses to Vanessa her attraction to the Man of Steel, Superman.

At Mayer Publicists, Inc., Myndi Mayer telephones Clark Kent in Metropolis. Aware of Kent's friendship with Superman, she helps him to arrange a meeting between Wonder Woman and he. Clark is unsettled at such a public display, but as Superman, he agrees to meet with Wonder Woman. Myndi's hoped media coup is ruined though when Superman agree privately on the phone to a meeting place, not telling Myndi. Kent, feins ignorance, claiming Superman didn't tell him.

On Mount Olympus, Hermes races throughout the city. A look of dread crosses his face as some deadly menace pursues him. He needs to escape to tell Zeus what is happening, but is blasted from the sky. Ominous shadows loom over him.



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