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"Traces": A messenger pigeon flies through a storm.

Quote1 They may not be worshipped, but they have not been forgotten, and that itself is a start. Quote2
-- Wonder Woman

Appearing in "Traces"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Circe (First appearance) (Behind the scenes)

Other Characters:


  • Acropolis



Synopsis for "Traces"

A messenger pigeon flies through a storm.

Diana prepares to leave on her trip to Greece, aided by Etta Candy. Etta has a special passport from the United Nations for her, hard to get as Themyscira is not an officially recognized country. Diana and Etta talk about their feelings for Steve. Diana is happy for her, but admits a certain amount of envy over the happiness Etta has found. Venessa has an argument on the phone with one of her friends, who tells her that her boyfriend is only interested in her because of her connection to Wonder Woman. Steve brings in the messenger pidgeon. It has flown all the way from Themyscira with a note from Diana's mother.

As they drive to the airport, Diana reads the letter. The battle with Darkseid on Olympus caused storms in Themyscira. Debate over how the Amazons should interact with the outside world continues to rage. Her mother misses her terribly.

Wonder Woman quickly writes a response as they wait for their flight and sends it back.

Olympus is a mess, and the gods survey the damage. Herakcles wants to strike back, but the other gods fear that Darkseid has an entire world of worshipers and would prove too powerful. They decide to build a new, unasailable Olympus. Zeus will join with his brothers to unite their power. Hermes is oddly quiet, contemplating the mortal world.

Diana's flight arrives in Athens where she is met by an official reception. Julia meets them and gets them settled. A man in the crowd cannot reach Diana to warn her about something. As he ponders how to reach her, he is attacked by a cat and bird with glowing red eyes.

Myndi Mayer is a mess, drinking, and lashing out at her friends. The fiasco of the Wonder Woman Fair has her under seige.

Circe and Mikos discoss the threat Diana poses to her. If she threatens them, she will be killed.

Diana tours the ruins of Greece's past, visiting temples to the gods of Olympus and praying. She visits the site of an ancient Amazon city, but no sign of it remains. While sailing on the Ionian Sea, she notes a small island and senses the evil there. Circe attacks her as a warning to stay away, incapacitating the Amazon Princess with a spell.

On Cephalonia, a dead man is found by local shepards, torn apart by animals.


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