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in: Dick Giordano/Executive Editor, George Pérez/Cover Artist, George Pérez/Writer
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Wonder Woman Vol 2 17


Wonder Woman Vol 2 17

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"Traces": Several days after her adventure with Superman, Wonder Woman attains a United Nations passport, allowing her and Vanessa to join Julia in Greece. The Amazon Princess also receives a pigeon-flown letter from her mot

Quote1 Sleep well, my sisters. Enjoy the splendors of your afterlife in the Elysian Fields and take comfort in the knowledge that the Amazon ideals have not perished. Quote2
-- Wonder Woman

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Synopsis for "Traces"

Several days after her adventure with Superman, Wonder Woman attains a United Nations passport, allowing her and Vanessa to join Julia in Greece. The Amazon Princess also receives a pigeon-flown letter from her mother, detailing recent disturbances from the Gods as well as the Amazons' continued debates over Man's World, which she freely shares with Vanessa, Steve, and Etta on the way to the airport.

On Olympus, the reconvened Gods mull over Darkseid's recent attack, Hermes being the sole witness while the others had been away in council. The newly-ascended Heracles demands war on Darkseid, but is overruled by Zeus, who - with several other Gods - has elected for migration to a new Olympus. This news appalls not only Heracles, but also Hermes, whose grief over Pan has been exacerbated by newer, darker emotions.

Many hours later, Wonder Woman - and Vanessa - finally arrive in Greece, to great celebration from both the local and international community. Exceptions come in the form of Myndi Mayer, now besieged by complaints and lawsuits over the Wonder Woman Fair; a woman from the nearby islands, who outright plots against the Amazon; and a native who tries to warn Wonder Woman of this plot, but is violently silenced before he can make contact.

Unaware of these events, Wonder Woman and Vanessa reunite with Julia and makes the acquaintance of language professor Stavros Christadoulodou, who presents the Amazon Princess with a diplomatic itinerary. After the itinerary is completed, the quartet tour Greece's many landmarks, each stop allowing Wonder Woman to reaffirm her Amazon heritage and unshakable faith in the Gods of Olympus; last comes a voyage to Julia's birthplace, the Ionian island of Cephalonia.

During the voyage, Wonder Woman slowly becomes transfixed on a smaller, nameless island. Moments later, she faints - a magical "warning" from her newest foe.


  • This issue is reprinted in the following:
  • This issue is the first to be written solely by George Pérez. According to Pérez, Karen Berger was heavily dissatisfied with his initial draft and forced him to completely rewrite the first ten pages.[1]
  • During the recollection of Hippolyte's letter, Philippus is mis-colored as Caucasian.


  • Wonder Woman is granted honorary Greek citizenship by Greece's Prime Minister - not named, but a fairly accurate caricature of Andreas Papandreou.

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