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Wonder Woman Vol 2 173


Wonder Woman Vol 2 173

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"Amazons Attack!": The face of the conflict has changed greatly - Imperiex is seemingly destroyed and Brainiac 13 briefly turned the allies against one another before they realized they were facing his new Warworld. He is draining [[

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Synopsis for "Amazons Attack!"

The face of the conflict has changed greatly - Imperiex is seemingly destroyed and Brainiac 13 briefly turned the allies against one another before they realized they were facing his new Warworld. He is draining Apokolips of energy and is sending an energy tendril towards Earth to do the same there and Wonder Woman has an idea what might be big enough to block it.

The Amazons are devastated by the news that their former queen is dead, and vow to do anything in this war to avenge her. They maneuver Themyscira into space to block the tendril further and, using the technology of the Wonder-dome, take the battle into the heavens themselves, coordinated by Steve Trevor. Old enmities have to be put aside - the tribes of Amazons must even accept help from the minions of the dread Apokolips in this battle.

On Apokolips itself, Darkseid is in despair at the state of his world, powerless, his own strength sapped. He is given a chance for help by Wonder Woman. As Fury, Starfire and others focus their strengths on attack, the Amazons do something distasteful - they pray to Darkseid, focusing their prayers through Wonder Woman and then Raven, knowing that their prayers will restore the deity's strength. Just as his full power returns, they hear that an all-out assault on Brainiac 13 will release the energies of Imperiex (absorbed by Warworld) once more. The technology of Apokolips is needed along with a magical conduit. Wonder Woman calls on the aid of Troia and Tempest. The Amazon's power is combined with that of Darkseid and channeled through Tempest to create a Boom Tube that takes Imperiex and Brainiac to the dawn of time where they explode harmlessly.

With the war over and Apokolips about to depart to the place it came from, Diana confronts Darkseid on his world. She tells him that when Raven linked them, Darkseid was 'infected' with a part of Wonder Woman's own soul. The evil God may now have to grapple with the concepts of compassion and love.


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