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"Creatures Of The Dark": Zeus, Hades and Poseidon meet atop the corpse of their father and revise their pact. They will join forces to build a new Olympus.

Quote1 See, Diana? The "witch on the island" is just a crazy old woman...the perfect found from which spring fanciful superstition." Quote2
-- Julia Kapatelis

Appearing in "Creatures Of The Dark"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Circe (First full appearance)
  • Theophilus Ventouras (First appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Angela (Single appearance)
  • Stavros Christadoulodou
  • Agostos Deneiros (First appearance)
  • Maria Deneiros (First appearance)
  • Gregori (First appearance)
  • Katina Leikos (First appearance)
  • Mikos
  • Cronus (Appears only as a corpse)
  • Spiros (First appearance)
  • Demetrios Ventouras (First appearance; dies)


  • Home of Mr. & Mrs. Agostos Deneiros (First appearance)
  • Ventourata (First appearance)



Synopsis for "Creatures Of The Dark"

Zeus, Hades and Poseidon meet atop the corpse of their father and revise their pact. They will join forces to build a new Olympus.

Diana recovers in the hospital. The doctors cannot find anything wrong with her and attribuite her collapse to exhaustion. She is not convinced and still sure of the feeling from the island just before her collapse. She meets Theophilus Ventouras, a wealthy resident of the island, who offers to help her find out about the island.

Diana's nurse reports on her condition to Mikos. It becomes clear a vast, secret conspiracy runs the island, and a resistance secretly fights them.

Diana goes to Julia's parents' house for dinner. Meanwhile Mikos and Circe discuss the Amazon Princess and her detemrination to find out more about the island.

Diana and Julia look at old family photos and Diana learns more about her friend.

Stavros Christadoulodou, a colleague of Julia's, meets with the resistance. He is unconvinced of the threat, but Gregori, leader of the resistance, presents him with a scroll he claims will provide proof. Their hideout has been located, so the group flees.

The following day, Stavros studies the scroll. Venessa arrives to use his phone to call her boyfriend in America.

Diana and Julia lunch with the wealthy Theophilus, who treats them as royalty, which he believes is only suitible for Princess Diana. He allows her access to all his records. The island is owned by an old woman and recluse who never leaves and allows no visitors. There is little of note, but this doesn't ease Diana's suspicions.

After Diana and Julia leave, Mikos arrives. He has Theophilus' son, who has been killed by the rebels (probably the cat the rebels shot at the night before). They know who killed him, and Theophilus, mad with grief, transforms into a monster, summoning others from all over the island to seek revenge.

As Julia and Diana drive home, they see a house fire. It is Stavros' house, where Venessa is. Wonder Woman rushes in. Stavros is badly hurt, Venessa, though, has fled. The rebel boy working with Stavros is death. Diana tears off her damaged dress, revealing her armor underneath and flies after Venessa.

The creatures attack Diana. She gets to Venessa, who has the scroll, and encircles her with the lasso of truth to provide a protective barrier. She battles the creatures, careful not to seriously hurt anyone, but they have no such qualms and in the end, she has to fight full force to defeat the creatures.

She appears to be winning until she is struck by an eldridge bolt from the sky which renders her unconscious. Circe tells her creatures to bring Diana to the island. The lasso still protects Venessa, so she and the scroll are left behind.


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