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Wonder Woman Vol 2 19


Wonder Woman Vol 2 19

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"The Witch On The Island": Diana finds herself an utterly helpless prisoner on Circe's island fortress. Though she makes several escape attempts, none can overcome the Witch-Goddess's powerful magics. The Amazon Princess remains in chains, with little choice but to watch as her own execution is

Quote1 I am your reflection in a warped mirror. This world is not big enough for both of us. Quote2
-- Circe

Appearing in "The Witch On The Island"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Circe (Origin) (Flashback and main story)
    • Beastiamorphs
      • Mikos
      • Theophilus Ventouras
    • Sirens (First appearance) (Flashback only)
  • Cronus (Flashback only) (Appears only as a corpse)
  • Hecate (First appearance) (Flashback and main story) (Behind the scenes)
  • Ariadne (Flashback only) (Behind the scenes)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Witch On The Island"

Diana finds herself an utterly helpless prisoner on Circe's island fortress. Though she makes several escape attempts, none can overcome the Witch-Goddess's powerful magics. The Amazon Princess remains in chains, with little choice but to watch as her own execution is prepared - and listen to Circe's gloating explanations of why she must die.

Millennia ago, Olympus' Witch-Goddess was Hecate, who had helped Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades overthrow Cronus and hid Earth's presence from Gods warring elsewhere the Universe. As reward, she had been wed to Hades, who eventually tired of her and took a new bride. Betrayed and deserted (on Hera's orders) by her fellow deities, Hecate sought revenge - and found the perfect vehicle in Circe, then only a mortal sorceress banished from her own kingdom.

The two exiles made a pact that destroyed Hecate's body and Circe's soul, while combining Hecate's soul with Circe's body. Reborn as a true Goddess, Circe proceeded to spread chaos and misery throughout the world, taking special care to poison relations between the sexes. Thus did she become a sworn enemy of the Amazons and their message of peace and equality; thus did she celebrate the sack of the first Themyscira, and orchestrate the death of Antiope when the separatist Amazons began to reconcile with men. But never did she forget the prophecy Hecate uttered in the last moments of the pact:

"Upon the death of witch and the birth of witch, Hecate, by name and choice, shall repossess her soul."

Circe goes on to explain that Diana's very existence has crippled her influence, and spurred many of her "subjects" into outright rebellion. From this, the Witch-Goddess reasons that she and Diana are the subjects of Hecate's prophecy - that her own death is imminent, and Hecate's soul plans to possess Diana next. To save herself, Circe has prepared a potion known as the Nostrum of Regression, which will revert Diana's body back into clay and thus deny Hecate's soul any host besides Circe herself.

Meanwhile, Julia finds and rescues Vanessa, and joins the anti-Circe resistance upon learning of Diana's fate. Working frantically, she translates the rest of Circe's scroll and realizes its true power lies in its cord - a moly root. Armed with the moly and the Lasso of Truth, Julia leads the rest of the rebels on an invasion of Circe's island, interrupting the Witch-Goddess mere seconds before the Nostrum can be poured. With her captor distracted, Diana regains the lasso and frees herself.

Unfortunately, while Julia is protected from hostile magics by the moly, she remains vulnerable to the bestiamorphs' brute strength. In addition, Diana is reluctant to attack Circe for fear of freeing - and being possessed by - Hecate's soul. Before Circe can press these advantages, however, a strange light spirits her, her castle, and her minions away. Diana and Julia are left standing in bewilderment, the remaining rebels hailing them as liberators; none are aware the light had been Hermes, intervening out of gratitude to Diana and disgust with his fellow Gods' failure to keep Circe in check.

One week later, with peace restored to Cephalonia and Stavros steadily recovering, Diana and the Kapatelises prepare to return to the United States. The trio remain uneasy about Circe's disappearance, but soon encounter a much more disturbing piece of news: Myndi Mayer has been found dead.



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