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"The Witch On The Island": After the battle which saw Diana defeated, Julia and the rebels revive a stunned Venessa, who tells them what happened.

Appearing in "The Witch On The Island"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Mikos
  • Theophilus Ventouras
  • Ariadne (Behind the scenes)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Witch On The Island"

After the battle which saw Diana defeated, Julia and the rebels revive a stunned Venessa, who tells them what happened.

Diana comes to, chained by Circe. Circe gloats at having chained Diana, no a man, but a woman. She will now kill Diana. Diana fights back, even chained, overpowering Circe's creatures until blasted back to unconsciousness by another magical bolt. It will take time to prepare to kill Dian, so she puts Mikos in charge fo the defense of the island.

Julia goes over the scroll, trying to find a way to defeat Circe. In the end, she finds a way.

Dian surprises Circe by waking up again. She hangs, suspended by her arms, in a mystical laboratory. As Circe works, she tells her tale. How she is the mythical Circe of old, of her deal with Hecate, goddess of the moon and witchcraft, and how she pitted man against woman through the ages. She tells of how the Amazons threatened her plans, and how she brought about the murder of Antiope.

Finally, an enraged Diana is able to burst her bonds and attack. Circe lashes out in a panic and nearly kills Diana, but the resilient Amazon still lives.

Julia uses Diana's lasso to protect her small force as they land on the island. They then fight a battle to the tower to rescue Diana.

Circe has conpleted her potion and prepares to return Diana to the clay from which she was born. She explains the connection between Hecate, Diana and Circe, and that if Diana kills Circe, Hecate's soul will enhabit Diana's body. Likewise, she cannot risk the cost of killing Diana. As she starts the ritual, Julia arrives and shatters the potion goblet, spoiling the spell. She tosses Diana her lasso.

Circe tries to kill Julia, but she has eaten the Moly, which protects her from the spell. She tries to kill Circe with a rifle, but Diana blocks the shot, she can't allow Circe to be killed.

Circe strikes Diana down and captures Julia, promising to kill her.

Suddenly, Circe is startled and yanked away, along with her tower. The rebels cheer in victory, believing Circe dead. In truth, Hermes has intervened and saved Diana and Julia.

At the airport, a few weeks later, Venessa has a paper. Myndi Mayer has been found dead.


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