"The Burning School": Wonder Woman strikes back as the great Invasion! comes to Themyscira. The Alien Alliance is attacking patriarch's world, and their thundering cannons breach the divine portal into Paradise Isl

Quote1 An Amazon does not take kindly to having her home threatened. Quote2
-- Wonder Woman

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  • Summer home Prof. Julia Kapatelis


Synopsis for "The Burning School"

Wonder Woman strikes back as the great Invasion! comes to Themyscira. The Alien Alliance is attacking patriarch's world, and their thundering cannons breach the divine portal into Paradise Island. She takes out an entire fleet of Thanagarians, inadvertently allowing them to perish in the explosions. She feels little remorse for the cold-blooded killers. She tries to save the rest of them from perishing in the eldritch fury inside the barrier, but is unsuccessful because they attack her even in the face of death. This is an enemy unlike any she has ever faced before.

Etta Candy 002

Etta Candy runs for her life

Lieutenant Etta Candy flees for her life in the South Pacific. She has picked up and decoded alien transmissions, intelligence which she must report back to base. However, her position has been discovered, and she is running a gauntlet of death and terror simply to return alive.

The military contacts Wonder Woman and asks her to fight alongside Justice League International. They are battling Khunds in the Pacific territories, and while the Leaguers are providing most of the muscle,
Gardner berates Diana

Gardner on warfare

they need someone to go in and rescue Lieutenant Candy and her intelligence. She is briefed alongside Martian Manhunter.

Taking two experienced fighters with her into the wilderness, Guy Gardner and Rocket Red, Diana goes off to find her friend and crack some alien heads while she's at it. They fly through numerous Khund battle cruisers, annihilating those that get in their way. Wonder Woman and Guy Gardner argue over whether or not it's acceptable to kill the alien invaders when they have the option of deactivating their ships. Things come to a climax as Etta, beaten and unable to run any longer, is forced to make herself a target to gain the attention of her rescuers. As death lasers rain down from above like hellfire, the heroes converge on her presence and are barely able to plummet down and save her in time. Wonder Woman is forced to blow up a ship full of Khunds to save Gardner's life, although she doesn't realize his ring would have protected him. Gardner calls attention this, and she says she did what any Amazon would have done. They bring Etta back safely.

Later on, after the battle is over, Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman report to their superiors in command. Although both of them were successful in their operation, neither feels any sense of victory. They don't see that wholesale slaughter could be anything to be proud of, even in war time. This war, like all others, dehumanizes us, and no living being's death should ever be celebrated. But they do what must be done. As they finish up, Blue Beetle tells the group that word has gotten in from Captain Atom and there's a super-hero summit being held for all active heroes to coordinate for the crisis.


Justice League International Vol 1 22

Justice League International #22


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