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"Powerplay": The news reports the seisure of the American missile base by General Tolliver.

Appearing in "Powerplay"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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Synopsis for "Powerplay"

The news reports the seisure of the American missile base by General Tolliver.

Col. Michaelis hatches a plan while the general and Ares boast to their captors. As Ares departs and Tolliver starts to enter the control room, the plan is set in motion.

Diana launches across the room, tossing Tolliver aside and taking the key from him. The rest throw grenades and open fire on the soldiers. Diana is overwhealmed briefly by numbers, but in that moment, Tolliver gets the key. Trevor chases him into the control room.

As Diana struggles to force the vault like door of the control room open, she challenges Ares to face her rather than hiding behind intermediaries, and is transported away to his realm.

Trevor catches up to Tolliver and shoots him to prevent him turning the key, but Tolliver is reanimated by Ares power and attacks.

Diana face Ares himself. He tries to break her spirit with images of her sisters dying and her friends. He proves to quickly be her physical superior, easily defeating her clumbsy attack and burning her with his fire. The gods despair that she has been beaten, but Diana rises again, using her lasso. The lasso of truth reveals the truth to Ares. The world after he is done, his own power gone, his realm nothing but dust. He relents, destroying his servants, and returning her home, charged with teaching the world the lesson he has learned.

Back at the missile base, forces loyal to the government have retaken it. Only Col. Michaelis is dead, though Julia is badly wounded. Trevor staggers from the control room, carrying the unconscious Diana in his arms.


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