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Wonder Woman Vol 2 8


Wonder Woman Vol 2 8

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"Time Passages": With Julia as her interpreter, Wonder Woman makes her first United Nations appearance. Though she tries her best to share the Themysciran message of love and peace, many third-world delegates scorn her merely for being a woman; worse, the Soviet delegates accuse her of being

Quote1 I find I'm growing to respect her more and more. Quote2
-- Lt. Etta Candy

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Synopsis for "Time Passages"

With Julia as her interpreter, Wonder Woman makes her first United Nations appearance. Though she tries her best to share the Themysciran message of love and peace, many third-world delegates scorn her merely for being a woman; worse, the Soviet delegates accuse her of being an American propagandist.

The Amazon Princess is further disillusioned by a debriefing session with the American military, during which she demonstrates her superhuman abilities. While the commanding officer is impressed by her power, he remains annoyed by her pacifism, as well as her refusal to let her armaments be analyzed. In contrast, Etta - stationed as an official observer - develops a new respect for Wonder Woman.

Soon after, G. Gordon Godfrey's national anti-superhuman campaign reaches its peak, and Godfrey partisans start attacking the Kapatelises for associating with one such superhuman. This spurs Wonder Woman to confront Godfrey at Washington, D.C. alongside Superman, Batman, Black Canary, and many more costumed heroes. After Godfrey's campaign has been dismantled, the Amazon Princess is offered membership in the new Justice League, but refuses, reasoning that a crimefighting career would undercut her message of peace.

Regardless, Wonder Woman's image is bolstered by the superhero community, convincing the military to finally accept and publicly disclose her account of the missile crisis. In a matter of days, Steve and Etta find themselves acquitted of all criminal charges; Julia and Wonder Woman are invited to the Michaelis home, where they give closure to the late Colonel's family; and Myndi begins a new publicity blitz for her star client, securing contacts and merchandising deals while quietly mollifying critics of the Amazon's "Pagan" faith.

In-between her many travels and responsibilities, Wonder Woman makes efforts to bond with Vanessa, who eventually overcomes her initial jealousy of the Amazon Princess. The resulting friendship, once publicized, makes Vanessa immensely popular with classmates, including her crush Barry Locatelli. Nevertheless, the Kapatelis household remains tempered by the knowledge that Wonder Woman cannot stay indefinitely; her time in Man's World must adhere to a timetable set by her mother.

As this timetable draws to a close, Myndi receives and delivers one final piece of news: a British archaeologist named Barbara Ann Minerva has flown to Boston, claiming to possess a second Girdle of Gaea. Though Myndi takes these claims at face value, Dr. Minerva's true motives are not so benign; her first contact in Boston is not with Myndi's firm, but a local smuggler.

Less than a day after Dr. Minerva's arrival, police find the smuggler mauled to death, while a strange catlike creature begins to prowl Boston's rooftops.


  • This issue is reprinted in the following:
  • Though not labeled as such, this issue partly ties into the Legends crossover, and several panels are direct reproductions of scenes from Legends #6.
  • While several parts of this issue are laid out in traditional comic-book format, most of the story is told through prose (accompanied by illustrations): journal entries from Julia and Vanessa, and letters from Etta, Myndi, and Dr. Minerva.
  • According to George Pérez, this issue is the first to feature his scripting as well as plotting - mostly in Vanessa's diary entries.[1]
  • Wonder Woman briefly implies a fascination with Superman, which will later resurface in Wonder Woman #15 and #16. The two would go on to attempt a genuine romance in Adventures of Superman #440 and Action Comics #600.


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