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in: Jack Schiff/Executive Editor, Dick Dillin/Cover Artist, Sheldon Moldoff/Cover Artist Ira Schnapp/Cover Artist, Ed Herron/Writer, Jack Miller/Writer, Dave Wood/Writer, Jim Mooney/Penciler, Sheldon Moldoff/Inker, Murray Boltinoff/Editor, George Kashdan/Editor, Nick Cardy/Penciler, Nick Cardy/Inker, Lee Elias/Penciler, Lee Elias/Inker, Bruce Wayne (Earth-One)/Appearances, Kal-El (Earth-One)/Appearances, Richard Grayson (Earth-One)/Appearances, Alexis Luthor (Earth-One)/Appearances, Gotham City/Appearances, Wayne Manor/Appearances, Metropolis/Appearances, Batarang/Appearances, Green Kryptonite/Appearances, Utility Belt/Appearances, Batmobile/Appearances, Orin (New Earth)/Appearances, Garth (New Earth)/Appearances, Topo (New Earth)/Appearances, Oliver Queen (New Earth)/Appearances, Roy Harper (New Earth)/Appearances, Arrowcar/Appearances, Arrowplane/Appearances, Comics, 1962, 1962, June, April 18, 1962 (Publication), 1962, April (Publication), World's Finest Vol 1, Silver-Age, Colourist Credit Needed, Letterer Credit Needed, Synopsis Written

World's Finest Vol 1 126


World's Finest Vol 1 126

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"The Negative Superman": Lex Luthor is about to rob the Willis Gem Co with his new molecular rearranger device, while at the same time above the gem company in a laboratory a new invention for splitting neurons is being tested for the first time. When [[Kal-El (Eart

Appearing in "The Negative Superman"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Lex Luthor
  • Negative Superman (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "The Negative Superman"

Lex Luthor is about to rob the Willis Gem Co with his new molecular rearranger device, while at the same time above the gem company in a laboratory a new invention for splitting neurons is being tested for the first time. When Superman arrives on the scene and Luthor attempts to blast him with his new invention, the combination of the two devices causes a strange twist of fate: It creates a duplicate of Superman that is a complete negative of him. When Superman attempts to stop Luthor's getaway, his duplicate prevents him from doing so by colliding with him causing them both to repel from each other. As the story hits the airwaves, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson hear a news story and decide to rush out to Metropolis as Batman and Robin to help their friend.

Back in Metropolis, when Superman attempts to use his x-ray vision to blow the tire on Luthor's getaway car, the Negative Superman uses his super-breath to freeze it back shut. Before Superman can go after either Luthor or his duplicate, he is called back to the lab to help put out a fire there, allowing his enemies to get away. The Negative Superman flies to the Metropolis jail and breaks all the prisoners free before leaving. However, before all the crooks can escape, Batman, Robin and the real Superman arrive to thwart the jail break.

When Luthor plots to rob the box office receipts of the Sportsman Show, Batman and Robin get in his way and rope up his hirelings. However, the Negative Superman helps free them and flies off. Batman, Robin and Superman pursue the Negative Superman, and are shocked when he changes into a Negative Clark Kent and threatens to expose Superman's secret identity. They force the reverse being to change back into it's Superman costume and clash with them again, however it escapes from them.

Attempting to try and see if Superman's weaknesses work on the creature, Batman and Robin track it down as it attempts to rob the Metropolis Bank. When the Kryptonite seemingly fails to work, Superman tells Batman and Robin to fall back while he handles his duplicate. When the Negative Superman attempts to fight Superman, he is surprisingly absorbed into the Man of Steel's body, ending his threat. When Luthor attempts to use his molecular rearrangement device on Superman, it turns out that it never truly worked, and Superman easily disarms him and turns him over to police custody.

Appearing in "Aquaman's Super Sea Circus"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Mike (Single appearance)

Synopsis for "Aquaman's Super Sea Circus"

While putting on a sea circus for charity, Aquaman and Aqualad soon learn that two bandits robbed the box office during their performance. Chasing the crooks to their hide out the two heroes are quickly captured, but with the help of Topo, the crooks are defeated and the stolen loot recovered.

Appearing in "Dupe of the Decoy Bandits"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Decoy Bandits (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Professor Dawes (Single appearance)


Synopsis for "Dupe of the Decoy Bandits"

Green Arrow and Speedy are on the trail of the decoy bandits, a group of criminals that escape in two get away cars. One with the real loot, the other a decoy to throw off the police. After a series of unsuccessful attempts at capturing them, in their final attempt Green Arrow and Speedy tag both the getaway cars with arrows that leave a trail of paint behind, and use it to follow the real car back to the crooks base, where they bust up their operation.


  • This book was first published on April 19, 1962.
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