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World's Finest Vol 1 138


World's Finest Vol 1 138

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"The Secret of the Captive Cavemen": When an alien being is spotted in Gotham City, Batman and Robin attempt to capture it. When the alien finds that his Z-Beam weapon doesn't effect humans he rushes into the Gotham Library to learn

Quote1 Boy! Did Funny-Arrow make chumps out of us! Let's get back to that circus! Quote2
-- Speedy

Appearing in "The Secret of the Captive Cavemen"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • General Grote (Single appearance)



Synopsis for "The Secret of the Captive Cavemen"

When an alien being is spotted in Gotham City, Batman and Robin attempt to capture it. When the alien finds that his Z-Beam weapon doesn't effect humans he rushes into the Gotham Library to learn why. There they overhear the alien tell it's superiors that their weapons cannot effect modern man. Before the two heroes can capture the alien he swallows a pill and dies and his comrades in a ship outside breach the time barrier to escape. Seeing a history book opened to the time of pre-historic man, Batman and Robin deduce that he aliens have traveled back in time to try and conquer the human race in the past. Calling Clark Kent at the Daily Planet to tell them of this plot, Clark tells them that he will meet them in the past. Batman and Robin then use Carter Nichols' time machine to travel to the stone age in the hopes of thwarting the alien invasion of the past.

They all arrive in the past before the aliens do and after saving a tribe of cavemen from a sabretooth tiger, Batman, Robin and Superman disguise themselves as cavemen and wait for the aliens to arrive. When the aliens arrive their Z-Rays work at making the early humans their slaves. The three heroes pretend to be enslaved as well so that they can learn of the alien plot. They have the cavemen mine for a rare metal called Drakkium, an ore that -- unrefined -- is harmful to the aliens. The aliens intent to refine the ore, which would then become deadly to humans and use it to wipe humanity off the face of the Earth and take over the planet.

Batman, Robin, and Superman then free the cavemen and stage a revolt against the alien invaders, ultimately tossing chunks of unrefined Drakkium, killing a number of the other aliens and sending the rest of the invaders fleeing the Earth. With the threat over, Batman, Robin and Superman return to the present.

Appearing in "The Secret Face of Funny-Arrow!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Mike
  • Pat Halley (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Danton
  • Funny-Arrow




Synopsis for "The Secret Face of Funny-Arrow!"

A new circus attraction parodying the Green Arrow named Funny-Arrow has become quite a popular character. When the Funny-Arrow character is seen committing crimes, the creator and actor who plays Funny-Arrow is initially blamed. Insisting that he's been framed, Green Arrow and Speedy learn who the true criminal is: Pat Halley, Funny-Arrow's manager.



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