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"The Feud Between Batman and Superman": While out on a case with Superman, Batman would be wounded by a bullet that bounces off Superman's invulnerable body. After a successful operation the near death experience makes Batman decide that it's to

Quote1 I could stand it to be inferior to you, but I can't forgive your tricking me... making me a fake hero! I'm through with you Superman... for good! Quote2
-- Batman

Appearing in "The Feud Between Batman and Superman"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Jhan-Ar
  • Lars-Eden (On a TV or computer screen)

Other Characters:

  • Nor-Kann
  • Than Ar
  • Ab-Zorna (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Van-Varo (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Tec-Aben (On a TV or computer screen)


  • Nightcave
  • Weird Jungle
  • Krypton (On a TV or computer screen)



Synopsis for "The Feud Between Batman and Superman"

While out on a case with Superman, Batman would be wounded by a bullet that bounces off Superman's invulnerable body. After a successful operation the near death experience makes Batman decide that it's too dangerous for both he and Robin to continue to work with Superman. Realizing that Batman's moral has been shaken, Superman decides to try and end his doubts and works with Jimmy to come up with a way to do it. Contacting his ally Than-Ar in the Bottle City of Kandor, the men conspire to create a fake threat to the bottle city using an old Kryponian weapon known as the Metalloids, while Than-Ar warns Superman that this old weapon was too dangerous to be used on Krypton, he agrees to use the weapon to stage a hoax.

When Superman arrives at the Batcave, he finds that Batman is even more listless about working with Superman than ever before and convinces him to come to the Fortress of Solitude under the pretense that he is testing out a new locking device. However, when they arrive, Superman's fake hoax goes into full gear and they get an "emergency call" from Kandor. Superman convinces Batman to join him, Jimmy and Robin in shrinking down in size and travelling into the bottle city.

When they arrive they are attacked by what Superman secretly believes is Than-Ar disguised as a Metalloid, and Batman helps facilitate their escape. They arrive at the home of Superman's old family friend Nor-Kann who watches over the secret hideout that Superman and Jimmy use when they masquerade as Kandorian crime fighters Nightwing and Flamebird. When Superman and Jimmy go out on patrol with their pet Nighthound, they get captured by the Metalloid. When Nighthound returns alone, Nor-Kann provides Batman and Robin with rocket belts and send them out to try and find Superman and Jimmy. They find Superman being strangled by a Metalloid and they save him, when it's learned that the creature was actually trying to kill Superman, Batman is angry at the Man of Steel for manipulating him with a fake hoax and calls off their friendship.

Duel of the Fates

Duel of the Fates
When Superman attempts to talk sense into Batman, the Dark Knight takes a swing at Superman, and soon their fight is broken up and they are ordered to deal with things in a fair duel as per Kandorian tradition. The two agree and in single combat, Batman manages to best Superman easily and decides to leave. Superman and Jimmy then decide to try and find out what made Than-Ar go evil and end his menace. When Superman goes against the Metalloids alone he is easily defeated and taken captive.

Jimmy rushes back to base where he find Batman and Robin about to leave Kandor and convinces Batman to stay and help save Superman. He convinces Batman that he is a useful crime fighter by showing him footage of different crime fighters throughout Krypton's history who did so without powers. Tracking the Metalloids to their base after they robbed a science vault, Batman uses his ingenuity and natural fighting ability to knock out one of the Metalloids and steal his armor. With Robin's help he easily defeats the remaining Metalloids and saves Superman. Unmasking the Metalloid's leader, they learn that he is really Jhan-Ar, Than-Ar's brother. Jhan-Ar reveals that he had overheard Superman's plan to hoax a menace and tried to capitalize on it.

With Batman's faith in his abilities restored and forgiving Superman for the hoax, the heroes return to the Fortress of Solitude and agree to work together as a team again in the future.

Appearing in "The Vanishing Arrows!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Unnamed Thugs (Single appearance)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Vanishing Arrows!"

This story is reprinted from Adventure Comics #266.

Inspired by a note from the Batman signed with a bat-emblem, Green Arrow decides that all his arrows should be tipped with green arrow heads. Digging up a special green rock to make these arrow heads, Green Arrow and Speedy go into action foiling various crimes. However, after they have busted up each crime, their arrows suddenly vanish, are blown away, or are destroyed.

Once they have completely run out of arrows, Superman arrives and tells them that the arrow heads they were using were made out of Green Kryptonite and that, from a safe vantage point, Superman destroyed them so that they would not weaken him. After Superman departs, Green Arrow and Speedy have the rest of the rock destroyed so that it may not be used against Superman in the future.


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