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World's Finest Vol 1 182


World's Finest Vol 1 182

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"The Mad Manhunter!": A thief steals a cursed medallion from the Metropolis Museum and he is stopped by Superman and Batman. Unfortunately, the heroes are not aware that the medallion could curse one of them and after they capture the crimin

Appearing in "The Mad Manhunter!"

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Synopsis for "The Mad Manhunter!"

A thief steals a cursed medallion from the Metropolis Museum and he is stopped by Superman and Batman. Unfortunately, the heroes are not aware that the medallion could curse one of them and after they capture the criminal and retrieve the jewel, Batman is cursed and starts acting like a lunatic. Superman takes Batman to the Fortress of Solitude, where he makes the caped hero change into his civilian identity of Bruce Wayne and the curse is apparently released. In order to keep a close eye on Bruce and prevent him from going berserk as Batman once again, Superman takes Bruce with him to Metropolis and they become inseparable.

However, there is always an emergency and Superman is forced to leave Bruce, who takes the chance to become Batman and is transformed into a madman again. This situation repeats a couple of times until Superman decides to knock Batman unconscious and take him to the Fortress of Solitude. Once inside, Superman gets the urgent need to get inside his Kryptonite chamber, completely unprotected. Batman recovers just in time to see his friend enter a certain death, but both of them are shocked to see that the Kryptonite inside has been covered with lead paint. At that moment, Robin comes out and explains that he had to paint the Kryptonite because he needed to enter the room with Supergirl. Batman then explains that Superman entered the room as part of the course of the medallion that affected him and would force him to commit suicide while he was alone. Knowing this, Batman pretended to be affected in order to keep a close eye on Superman. In that moment, it has been 24 hours since the curse started and its effects are no longer active, which means Superman would not attempt to kill himself again.

Appearing in "The Hooded Terror!"

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  • The Hooded Terrors (Single appearance)

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Synopsis for "The Hooded Terror!"

This story is reprinted from Brave and the Bold #6.

As the Silent Knight, Brian Kent travels into the Forest Perilous to defeat a pair of bandits wearing hoods, forcing people to let go of their hard-earned coin to pass. Though caught in a snare, the Silent Knight still manages to defeat the two hooded ones while suspended. He sends them back to the castle with a note, while Brian changed back into his apprentice clothes. Later, Sir Edwin openly criticizes the Knight, saying he's too cowardly to engage in a proper jousting tournament. Once again, Brian dons his guise and shows up at the arena that day. He manages to defeat his opponent and retrieve a bouquet from the fair lady Celia, without having to say a word.


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