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World's Finest Vol 1 183


World's Finest Vol 1 183

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"Superman's Crime of the Ages!": Batman and Robin are taken on a time travel trip by the Time Patrol, where they learn of a terrible crime that has cursed mankind and everything seems to point towards Superman as

Appearing in "Superman's Crime of the Ages!"

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Synopsis for "Superman's Crime of the Ages!"

Batman and Robin are taken on a time travel trip by the Time Patrol, where they learn of a terrible crime that has cursed mankind and everything seems to point towards Superman as the man responsible. When they return to the present day, Batman and Robin prepare a trap and capture Superman using some Green Kryptonite.

Superman is then taken to the United Nations Building, where he stands trial against the members of the Time Patrol, who inform everyone about Superman's crime. In their story, Superman was struck by radiation from Red Kryptonite, which turned him evil and then he destroyed many cities around the world before finally using a satelite that would cause human evolution to go backwards and transform the people into apes. Superman is given the chance to go to the future and witness the consequences of his actions by himself and after a quick verification, he has no option but to surrender.

As punishment for his crimes, Superman is convicted to be lobotomized by the members of the Time Patrol, who ask Batman and Robin to help them weak Superman with his chunk of Kryptonite. During the procedure, Superman turns evil and the Time Patrol duo seem to be pleased with the results. However, Superman soon turns against them and unmask them to reveal Lex Luthor and Brainiac under the masks. Superman informs them that he deduced their identities and scheme a few hours earlier, when some of their actions gave them away. He also informed them that when he travelled to the future, they made sure to make Superman arrive on the film set of a remake of the classic film "Planet of the Apes" and convinced him of his "crime". He then asked Batman and Robin to use a fake Kryptonite on the lobotomy and he pretended to become evil to make them reveal themselves. The criminals are then turned to the authorities and the UN raise some flags in honor of Superman, Batman and Robin.

Appearing in "The Ghost Planet"

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Synopsis for "The Ghost Planet"

This story is reprinted from House of Mystery #80.


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