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"Robin's Revenge!": Batman, Robin and Superman are on the trail of a criminal known as the Automator. When they finally corner the villain on a cave, Superman has to leave in order to

Appearing in "Robin's Revenge!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Automator (Single appearance)
  • The Bolton Boys (Single appearance)

Other Characters:



  • Golden gloves (Single appearance)


Synopsis for "Robin's Revenge!"

Batman, Robin and Superman are on the trail of a criminal known as the Automator. When they finally corner the villain on a cave, Superman has to leave in order to stop a plane from crashing. The Dynamic Duo get ready to capture the villain, but Robin twists his ankle, leaving Batman to face the villain alone. Taking advantage of the situation, the Automator uses a giant machine to trap Batman and activates a ray that makes the Caped Crusader vanish. Robin is unable to help his mentor and he can only watch as the Automator also escapes. When Superman returns, he learns that Batman has been eliminated and he can't help the grief-stricken Boy Wonder.

A funeral is held for Batman and many members of the Justice League gather together to honor the late hero. Green Lantern creates an indestructible tombstone with his ring and a few days later, Clark Kent learns that Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson have died in a terrible accident. Superman, knowing that Bruce's death was needed, goes to Wayne Manor to investigate why did Robin decided to kill his alter ego as well. Superman learns that Dick decided that it would be too suspicious if he didn't fake his own death while still working as Robin and for this reason, he has changed his identity into that of Rick Danner, a blond student at Keyer University. Robin tells Superman that he won't rest until he brings the Automator to justice and makes him pay for killing Batman.

Years passed and Rick Danner eventually turns into a fully grown man who still works as Robin. Superman is still active, but his age is already catching up to him. In this future, a mysterious criminal appears and creates chaos never seen before. Using special gold gloves, this new villain is capabale of fantastic feats such as disintegrating solid matter, flying and shooting energy. Because of his particular gloves, the media dubs the criminal "Golden Gloves" and the heroes of this future start investigating the case.

Superman tries to stop Golden Gloves from creating more chaos and destruction, but he is outmatched by the powerful gloves. Eventually, Golden Gloves manages to blind Superman permanently using a blast of energy. Robin arrives in time to see Superman removing the mask from Golden Gloves, but he can't get a good look at the criminal's face. Golden Gloves carries the unconscious Superman to his hideout and Robin follows them closely until he arrives at the place.

Inside, Golden Gloves takes Superman to a main chamber, where an elder criminal is waiting for him. Superman can't see the man and he is asked to touch Golden Glove's face. By doing this, Superman recognizes the man as Bruce Wayne and at that moment, Robin breaks inside and attacks the elder criminal, who is none other than the Automator. Superman attacks Bruce to prevent him from turning against them and Robin manages to defeat the Automator. The criminal finally reveals that he did not murder Batman years prior, but he transported him to his hideout. Then, he brainwashed Bruce and used a special serum that prevented him from aging in order to turn him into the perfect criminal.

After Robin has placed the criminal behind bars, he finds himself with the titanic task of helping Batman recover his lost memory and train him to become Batman again, while also helping Superman train to become a great blind hero.

Appearing in "John Jones' Farewell to Earth"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • S'Vor (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Jovian Security Officers (Single appearance)



  • None


  • Jovian Flying Saucer

Synopsis for "John Jones' Farewell to Earth"

This story is reprinted from Detective Comics #267.

J’onn J’onzz encounters a squad of Jovian police in search of a criminal from their world who is hiding on Earth, and strikes a deal with them to catch the crook if they will take him back to Mars.



  • This is the first issue of World's Finest in which Batman is not featured in the cover art.

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