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World's Finest Vol 1 207


World's Finest Vol 1 207

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"A Matter of Light and Death!": Superman's alter ego, Clark Kent has been mind-controlled into finding a magic weapon which can destroy Superman and he gives it to some hit-men to finish the job. However, Superman senses recent memory-gaps and enlists [[Bruce Wayne (Earth-

Quote1 I'm contracting for the murder of Superman... before he murders me! Quote2
-- Clark Kent

Appearing in "A Matter of Light and Death!"

Featured Characters:


  • Doctor Light I
  • Nicholas Slye (Only appearance; dies)
  • Hud (Only appearance; dies)
  • Mumbles (Only appearance; dies)

Other Characters:



  • Satanstaff (Single appearance)(Destroyed)

Synopsis for "A Matter of Light and Death!"

Superman's alter ego, Clark Kent has been mind-controlled into finding a magic weapon which can destroy Superman and he gives it to some hit-men to finish the job. However, Superman senses recent memory-gaps and enlists Batman's help to investigate the mystery.

Batman follows Clark Kent closely on every single activity during the day, but he is not able to find anything suspicious. At night, Batman visits Clark at his aparment, where something finally happens as Clark becomes mindless and attacks Batman. The Dark Knight starts following Clark to an abandoned gym, where he meets the hired killers and gives them the Satanstaff, the magical artifact that will destroy Superman. As Clark leaves the place, Batman attempts to stop the thugs, but they use the magic staff against Batman and manage to overcome him.

After this, the killers attack Superman, who has returned to normal and with the magic from the staff, they manage to apparently kill the man of steel. As proof of their deed, they lock Superman in a gold crystal rock and they take him back to their hideout as a trophy. The thugs are just waiting for Clark to return with their money, but they are shocked to learn that Superman's death and their part on the kill was all part of a plan by Dr. Light, the Justice League enemy. Light explains that he used Superman's alter-ego against him and then he had them hired to eliminate the strongest member of the Justice League with help from the light device he created after being inspired by the powerful magician, Zatanna. Dr. Light proceeds to eliminate the killers, but before he could destroy Superman's corpse, Batman stops him and Light is forced to retreat.

A few moments later, Superman breaks free from his prison and after Batman informs him about Light's plan, the Man of Steel follows the light trail left behind until he reaches Dr. Light's hideout and finally captures the villain and destroys the Satanstaff.

In the aftermath, Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent enjoy a magic show by Zatanna.

Appearing in "Galloping Gold"

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Hungate and various ranchers


Synopsis for "Galloping Gold"

This story is reprinted from Star-Spangled Comics #11.

Appearing in "The Cosmic Idiots!"

Featured Characters:

  • Bill and Ann Hanley (Single appearance)

Supporting Characters:


  • Giant Ants from Outer Space (Single appearance)

Other Characters:



  • Alien ants' robot slaves


  • A spaceship

Synopsis for "The Cosmic Idiots!"

This story is reprinted from Strange Adventures #30.


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