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"Within My Heart... The Enemy!": Superman, Batman and Robin have taken care of the undead situation in Gotham City, but Batman's body has being possessed by the Dark Cloud. His friends are unaware of this and

Quote1 From the deepest pit of Hell! At least that's where I'm planning to send them back to! Quote2
-- Batman, when Superman asks him where all the supernatural creatures are coming from

Appearing in "Within My Heart... The Enemy!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Dan Hunter
  • Andrea Dune (First appearance)



Synopsis for "Within My Heart... The Enemy!"

Superman, Batman and Robin have taken care of the undead situation in Gotham City, but Batman's body has being possessed by the Dark Cloud. His friends are unaware of this and when they are informed about a fire nearby, Superman takes them to the place and he starts working to save the people and put out the fire. However, Batman doesn't move or speak as he is struggling against the dark entity that wants to take full control of his body. When Superman is finished, he joins Batman and the Dark Knight attacks Robin before he starts hitting Superman, damaging his own hands. In his frantic madness, Batman is restrained by Superman and the Dark Cloud is forced to leave Batman's body.

The whole event is witnessed by Madame Zodiac and Dr. Zodiac, but the latter starts having second thoughts about his involvement with the dark entity. Madame Zodiac punishes him for doubting the power of their lord and Dr. Zodiac leaves the room, without a clear path of what to do next.

With Batman unconscious, Robin takes him back home and Superman goes to the Justice League Satellite I, where he is informed about the waves of crimes around the world. He contacts Wonder Woman and asks her about Zatanna, but he learns that she still hasn't recovered. With nobody else who can explain what is happening, Superman returns to Earth.

The next night, Bruce has recovered and is willing to go to his friend, Dan Hunter's party. During the event, Bruce is introduced to Dan's future wife, Andrea Dune. After spending some time with the guests, Bruce goes out looking for some air and he spots a dark presence moving close near the building. Bruce leaves the party and after a quick change, he investigates as Batman in the Gotham Park. From the shadows come a number of Demons, summoned by Madame Zodiad, that attack Batman. At that moment, Superman gets a mental warning about danger and he goes to Gotham City, where he tries to help Batman against the Demons, but the magic used against him makes his efforts futile as he watches the spawns from hell take his friend away.

Moments later, Batman is taken to Madame Zodiac's hideout, where they prepare his body for the possession.


  • This book was first published on October 28, 1982.
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