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Worlds' Finest Annual Vol 1 1

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"The Adventures of Robin and Supergirl: Chapter One: Independence": Long ago, on Earth 2, Helena Wayne was Robin to her father's Batman, and they had discovered a brothel in one of Gotham City's best neighbourhoods. Her mother had

Quote1 They're getting out of our control. Quote2
-- Superman

Appearing in "The Adventures of Robin and Supergirl: Chapter One: Independence"

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Synopsis for "The Adventures of Robin and Supergirl: Chapter One: Independence"

Long ago, on Earth 2, Helena Wayne was Robin to her father's Batman, and they had discovered a brothel in one of Gotham City's best neighbourhoods. Her mother had forced him to accept her as a partner, making him admit that she was ready to fight crime alongside him, as much as he doubted it. They were brought to the brothel as part of a campaign started by Catwoman to shut down these illegal establishments.

While hoping to chase down a lead by following a prostitute, Robin was tricked, and knocked out by the girl's pimp. With her father watching from just beyond her view, she followed them down into a tunnel connecting to the next building, and gauged her odds. She would endanger innocent lives if she made a scene there without disarming the thugs, so she began by doing just that. Fortunately, her mother trained her well for combat, and she takes down two bouncers. Following behind her, Batman hopes that she learned his carefulness, because Selina had never been so. A third bouncer had escaped with the prostitutes upstairs to an abandoned store.

Upon getting upstairs, he discovered that Helena had successfully pinned everyone under her, and was struggling to convince them that she was there to help them. Batman pointed out that these prostitutes were suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, and as such, they would be better left to be dealt with by the police and case workers - that is their job, after all.

Appearing in "Adventures of Robin and Supergirl: Chapter Two: Rebellion"

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Synopsis for "Adventures of Robin and Supergirl: Chapter Two: Rebellion"

Kara had done something bad, and she worried her cousin Kal would find out about it, and get angry with her. She'd used a fake ID to get into a club, feeling it hypocritical that Kal would look down on that, since he'd been using one all his life. She failed to find a suitable guy on the dance floor, and decided to take matters in her own hands, setting her sights on a cute guy named Ken at the bar. Immune to alcohol's effects, she watched him slowly lower his defences, but worried that perhaps he was only succumbing to the influence rather than actually enjoying her company.

Even so, she went for a walk with him on the boardwalk, and kissed him. After that, though, they felt obligated to be honest, and he explained that he was only in town for a short time, and had to go home on the next day. Before Kara could reveal her big secret, though, an explosion at the WorldGov tower frightened them. Ken's father was at the tower, as the leader of Gamorra. Worriedly, he made sure she was safe in a public bathroom and rushed toward the building, unaware that he would be the one who'd need saving.

Though she had promised Kal to keep her abilities secret, she donned her uniform in the hopes that if she moved fast enough, people would think she was him. She flew off to the tower, to play hero, and gained satisfaction form the feeling that she was doing better than she had during training. While she did her best to save lives and fix the building, she failed to return in time to beat Ken back to the restroom, which had a piece of debris hurtling toward it. Worriedly, she warned him away, but as the debris made impact, the structure collapsed on top of him, and he was killed.

Appearing in "The Adventures of Robin and Supergirl: Chapter Three: Three of a Kind?"

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Synopsis for "The Adventures of Robin and Supergirl: Chapter Three: Three of a Kind?"

After her bad night, Kara visited her friend Helena in her room, and learned that Batman had found a way to record the whole thing happening. Ken had died, and Kara blamed herself. She couldn't speak to Kal about it, because he would be angry that she went out on her own.

While Helena sympathized, she focused instead on the fact that Kara had caught a brief glimpse of a likely suspect, and she thought it might have been another super-human. Searching through her father's surveillance footage, Helena discovered a blurry frame of a woman's form in the wreckage. Together, they returned in their heroic alter egos to the scene, searching for clues.

Meanwhile, Batman was perplexed to discover that his daughter had hacked into his surveillance system. Superman appeared at his window, warning that their girls were getting out of control. This was worrisome, given that they expected an incursion from Apokolips soon.

Kara used her enhanced vision to determine that the energy signature of the culprit was of Apokoliptian origin - which meant they were out of their leagues. Unfortunately, they were too late to call for help, as they were attacked by Fury. Angrily, Kara fought back harshly, wanting revenge for Ken's murder. When Helena became trapped under debris, Kara was forced to let Fury go to help her. Watching from the Batcave, Batman and Superman worried that this woman might complicate matters, given the coming war.

Trying to trace the woman's energy signature, Kara and Helena found too many energy signatures to tell where she would be. Following her father's training, Helena suggested they start moving outward from the crime scene, and investigated at the location giving readings just north of them. They discovered a cave there, and before Helena could stop her, Kara sped inside, only to be knocked out again by Fury of two worlds. Before she could respond with more violence, Kara was stopped in her tracks by Wonder Woman, who warned her to go home. Kara refused, forcing a battle that allowed Fury the chance to escape to Apokolips.

When Robin returned with news of the escape, Wonder Woman was sad, explaining that they would all be killers one day, and the one that had just got away was her daughter.



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