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"Some Things You Can Change, Some You Can't...": Power Girl is eager to get revenge on Holt Industries for their attacks on Starr Island in order to steal back what she stole from Michael Holt. As such, she has been travelling the west

Quote1 He was good maybe, but Terrific...? Maybe I have higher standards? Quote2
-- Power Girl

Appearing in "Some Things You Can Change, Some You Can't..."

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  • Denny Chin




Synopsis for "Some Things You Can Change, Some You Can't..."

Power Girl is eager to get revenge on Holt Industries for their attacks on Starr Island in order to steal back what she stole from Michael Holt. As such, she has been travelling the west coast of the US, destroying Holt Industries buildings, making it look like they were the results of natural disasters. When she destroys one building by causing an earth quake, there is some unexpected collateral damage and she is forced to save some civilians from her own handiwork.

Not long after getting back to her home on the island, Kara finds that Helena Wayne has gone to Los Angeles in the mean time to do some investigating of her own. At Holt Industries HQ, Helena sneaks into Michael's old office as the Huntress, noting that Michael has been missing for some time. His office is booby-trapped, though, and she carefully evades his T-Spheres. Before she can get any info from the computer, though, she receives a call from Kara, informing her that something has happened to her not-brother.

In Gotham City, Helena kneels over the grave of the boy she thought of as something like a brother, having both been raised by a Batman - though Batmen of different worlds. Wondering if it is her lot in life to lose those she cares about, Helena says her goodbyes, until she hears a snapping twig behind her. Knowing that this must be the boy's real father, she realizes that she is not ready to meet him and calls for Kara to save her from that encounter. With confusion, Batman watches the stranger at his son's grave fly away.

Back at Holt Industries, the police have the strong sense that the company doesn't want them investigating the break-in. To wit, their investigation is interrupted and promptly cut short by Aleeka Musgrave, who informs them that the company's own investigators will take over from there. The police are concerned that she doesn't have authority over Michael Holt's personal property, but, to their surprise, she calls for Michael, and he appears to say that she speaks for him.


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