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Worlds' Finest Vol 1 11


Worlds' Finest Vol 1 11

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"Putting it Together": After Power Girl's encounter with a child soldier armed with Apocoliptian weaponry in the Congo, the Huntress investigates in Mali, where she discovers a dangerous weapons trade. Putting the pieces toge

Quote1 First of all, why wouldn't a man disappear when I drop him? What's left to live for? And I only borrowed his quantum tunneler anyway. Quote2
-- Karen Starr

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  • Bamako



Synopsis for "Putting it Together"

After Power Girl's encounter with a child soldier armed with Apocoliptian weaponry in the Congo, the Huntress investigates in Mali, where she discovers a dangerous weapons trade. Putting the pieces together, she considers that someone is siphoning Bruce Wayne's funds in order to give weapons to unstable nations, and further destabilize them, while Holt Industries used the same Apokoliptian technology to break into Karen's labs.

Meanwhile, Karen is at the Las Vegas Convention Centre representing Starr Enterprises. Though she was not needed there until the keynote speech, she has come early in order to attend some parties - but she doesn't care which party, just so long as Holt Industries will be attending one of them.

Helena, decides to break into Michael Holt's mansion again, this time, prepared for the attack by his T-Spheres. She soon discovers that security has been improved, and is forced to fight two goons. She overhears Michael Holt on one of their radios, and considers that he doesn't sound like someone Karen would date.

42 months ago in Washington, D.C., Helena and Karen broke into a government building where they had learned that information was being kept about meta-humans and vigilantes of their kind. They are surprised and upset to discover that this Earth doesn't even have any information on other, parallel earths in its databases.

Now, at one of the convention parties, Karen and Helena make a grand entrance as Karen explains that while she can believe that Michael could disappear from the planet without a trace, she can't imagine that he would get upset with her for stealing his blue-prints. Not upset enough to try to steal it back with Apokoliptian weaponry, anyway.

While Karen soon becomes the life of the party, Helena sneaks away. Their attention, though, is soon caught by Michael Holt's arrival on the stage. Spotting Karen, he interrupts his own speech to leap off of the stage and greet her. When he gets in close, though, he reveals that he is not Michael at all, but DeSaad.


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  • Huntress claims that "This stupid planet doesn't... have the concept of parallel Earths... except in Science Fiction written under silly pseudonyms, Like Fox... and get this... Dick!" This is likely a homage to Gardner Fox and Philip K. Dick.

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