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"Control Issues": Power Girl's powers have gone out of control, and the intense energy radiating from her threatens to bring down the Williamsburg Bridge. Because of that danger, her friend Helena can do nothi

Quote1 So much for sunbathing as a solution to my problem. But if Hel can face these monsters without powers, why can't I? Quote2
-- Power Girl

Appearing in "Control Issues"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Tats
  • Xazdi (First appearance)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Control Issues"

Power Girl's powers have gone out of control, and the intense energy radiating from her threatens to bring down the Williamsburg Bridge. Because of that danger, her friend Helena can do nothing to help her. Searching for a plan, she takes her late father's advice, using what resources she has. She lassos Karen's ankles with her grappling line, and using a nearby boat for leverage, tugs her down into the East River. The cold waters absorb the heat Karen produces, calming her uncontrollable powers, if temporarily. This also drains her of her physical energy, and she flops back into the water, fainting.

Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, the arsonist Helena had been chasing returns to her master, demanding to be freed of the curse that binds her. She had made a deal with a creature called Xazdi, who, while imbuing her with power, demanded chaos as his price. If she does not pay that price by using his power, the tattoos that covert her body will consume her.

At their Manhattan apartment, Karen wonders whether the everyday people that she and Helena loved from their world might exist on this one. While they have already encountered many of this world's analogues for their friends and family, Kara wonders if the teachers they had, or the boys they crushed on might be living out their lives here. Matter-of-factly, Helena explains that she she would rather let them live their lives out happily if they are here, than look and be disappointed to discover that they aren't. Dissatisfied with that response, Karen announces that she is prepared to go out and help Helena find the arsonist. She feels so good, in fact, that she suggests that they race to find her.

Thanks to some effective internet searching, Helena finds the arsonist in Brooklyn. Rather than run away, as expected, the woman runs into a nearby building, where Helena as Huntress is attacked by the tattooed lady's master and, finally, his master, the demon Xazdi. Fortunately, Power Girl comes to her aid quickly, though not before Helena loses consciousness. Unfortunately, her powers begin to act up again, and she weakly collapses.

Choosing to take some inspiration from Helena's example of a powerless human being powerful in the face of danger, Karen decides to continue fighting, grabbing her friend's crossbow and loosing an arrow into Xazdi's chest. The arrow then explodes, leaving nothing behind.

Later, despite having won the race, Helena is stuck with the check for dinner at Roccos, with Karen explaining that she let her win so she could follow her instead of doing grunt work. Sighing, Helena takes the bill, but reminds that if Karen's powers are still not stabilized, they should probably seek some help.


  • This book was first published on December 11, 2013.
  • Scott McDaniel is credited with breakdowns for the issue.


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