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Quote1 You don't get it. We're different. Not in any way you can see... but he could. One glance. Quote2
-- Power Girl

Appearing in "Raid"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Somya


  • Ondrej (Flashback only)

Other Characters:

  • Georges (Flashback only)
  • Sade Esopus (Flashback only)




Synopsis for "Raid"

On Starr Island in Micronesia, a raid is being staged. The explosion that the raiders use to get inside the Starr compound wakes Helena Wayne from her hospital bed, and grumpily, she puts on her uniform, despite her broken arm, to face the intruders. While hiding nearby, she overhears them mention that they are there to finish the job that Hakkou started. Unexpectedly, the first person to face the raiders is not Huntress, but Somya - Karen Starr's personal assistant. Unflinchingly, Somya puts a bullet in one of the raiders' heads, garnering their ire and prompting Huntress to yank her back out of the room and tell her to evacuate the scientists while she handles the raiders.

Nearly four years ago, Helena had asked Kara to come with her to Metropolis, despite her friend's worries about an encounter with this Earth's Superman. Kara suspected that if he saw her with his Kryptonian sight, he would be able to tell she was not of his world, and blow their cover. Even so, she agreed to help Helena with her plans. In an out-of-the-way loft, Helena drags Kara into a designer's studio, intending to inspect the design for a costume she has ordered. Under the guise of some kind of performance, she had ordered the suit that would become her costume as Huntress. Kara's enhanced eye-sight confirmed that it was well-made, and Helena had it ordered, along with the design specs for a crossbow that caught her eye.

One month later, Helena used the costume and crossbow in Prague when she beat up a gang of men hoping to sell innocent women into prostitution. Despite the fun Helena had playing vigilante, like she used to, Kara had other things to do, having located an island in Micronesia where she hoped to set up base - if she can scrounge up the millions of dollars she'd need to buy it.

Now, Helena steps into the room to face the raiders, warning that she has better aim than they. She determines that they are professionals, remaining calm and conserving their ammo. Meanwhile, she is running low on ammo herself. Fortunately, she has reinforcements, as Power Girl crashes through the wall in righteous indignation. She is surprised though, when she discovers that the raiders have weapons that fire blasts of the same kind of radiation that can hurt her. With one shot, Huntress shoots the weapon from the raider's hand, but the others escape. Karen tells her to let them go, with a look of distress indicating her concern about the weapon that hurt her.

Grabbing the downed raider by the neck, Power Girl demands to know where he got the gun, and what he and his people were doing there. Frightened, the raider reveals that the weapon was specially issued for the job as a precaution. The job, though, was to get back what Starr stole from Michael Holt.


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