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Mulder and Scully boards the ice-cutter to advance their investigation as Mulder recalls the history and fate of the ship from an official statement.

Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

  • Fox Mulder
  • Dana Scully

Supporting Characters:

  • Daniel Robert French
  • Orkrose
  • Lloyd (Dies)
  • Willis (Dies)


Other Characters:



  • Pistols


  • Helicopter

Synopsis for the 1st Story

Mulder and Scully boards the ice-cutter to advance their investigation as Mulder recalls the history and fate of the ship from an official statement.

In 1972, the ship was bound to rendezvous with a Norwegian oil tanker in the Arctic Circle before being knocked off course by the season's worst weather conditions. On one night, the ice-cutter came upon a smaller ship that was apparently wedged between the ice, trapped and displaying a white flag of distress. Assuming that the small ship was lost as they were, the cutter's captain ordered an away team to investigate the vessel and rescue anyone who might be alive. However, six hours had passed without any radio contact from the team. As another search team was ordered to find the first team, they saw something (vampires) coming to their ship. The crew were overwhelmed and slaughtered while only a few terrified crew members made it out alive and braved crossing the ice sheet. Only one surviving crewman was rescued who recounted his tale.

The agents explore the ship's interior until they find dozens of mummified corpses, some of which are dated back to 20 years ago and are decapitated. The two decide to leave the ship for back-up and encounter Daniel French and his partner Orkrose, who had followed their footprints and believed that they are following their suspect. The agents departed the ship in which French calls for an intensive search on the ice-cutter and decide to have Mulder off on his case in which he accepts. Mulder and Scully later chartered a helicopter ride to Diomede Island to find the man without limbs.

During the journey, their rowdy pilots spot what appears to be a animal racing across the ground and decide to hunt it down. As they get closer to the "animal" it is reveal to be a lone vampire who jumps onto the helicopter and drops one of the pilots out of the cockpit and killing the other. It confronts Mulder whilst Scully attempts to pilot the chopper. In the confrontation, Mulder made a cross out of flares in an attempt to ward off the vampire, but only for the vampire to impudently brush this off before Mulder shoot him in the head. Scully lost control of the chopper and forcing the agents to jump out of it before it crashes, and leaving them stranded.


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