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After being fed on the vampires' blood, the creature then feeds on a vampire, killing him, which it then grows to a larger, matured form and demands for "more".

Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

  • Fox Mulder
  • Dana Scully

Supporting Characters:

  • Director Walter Skinner
  • Daniel Robert French
  • Orkrose


Other Characters:

  • Norborg (Appears only as a corpse)


  • Little Diomede Island, American territory
  • Wainwright, Alaska



Synopsis for the 1st Story

After being fed on the vampires' blood, the creature then feeds on a vampire, killing him, which it then grows to a larger, matured form and demands for "more".

Back in Wainwright, Agent French is angered to discover from the Inuits that they had talked to Mulder. He complains to Orkrose that he believes that Mulder and Scully are ruining their case, and sees to contacting Director Skinner to calling off the agents. However, Skinner tells him that there's a reason Mulder and Scully are in Alaska and that he frankly doesn't care if French has a problem with this, and suggest to him that he fall in line.

Back on Diomede Island, Mulder, Scully, Igor, and Dimitri finds the latter agents' men dead and beheaded. Concerned for Norborg, Scully and Igor heads for the cave as the other agents stay behind where they find a single, wounded survivor who tells them that the soldiers were quickly ambushed by vampires. The soldier then changes into a vampire and is quickly shot in the head by Dimitri. Meanwhile, Scully and Igor finds Norborg's body and the vampire that was killed by the creature. They are reunited with the others in which they then decide to head back to Wainwright and examine the bodies.

On the outskirts of Wainwright, French and Orkrose are attacked by vampires and French is bitten. Orkrose is spared as one of the vampires share the same family name to him before leaving into the dark. French is then resurrected as a vampire and kills Orkrose.

Back at town, the agents have return with Norborg's body to the hospital and finding everyone inside are gone. Scully conducts an autopsy on Norborg. After discovering Norborg's changed physiology, Wainwright enters a blackout. The agents finds no one in town. The four split up with Mulder and Dimitri heading to the sheriff's office while Scully and Igor heads to the motel and contact Skinner. Upon arriving at the motel, Igor gives Scully a special gun that can shoot lightning for her protection. As Scully enters the room and uses a radio, the same vampire that attacked the helicopter and shot by Mulder, appears behind her.


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