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Scully notice the vampire's presence and quickly kills it with Igor's gun. Other vampires appears and charges for Scully.

Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

  • Fox Mulder
  • Dana Scully

Supporting Characters:

  • Igor (Dies)
  • Dimitri
  • Director Walter Skinner
  • Orkrose


Other Characters:

  • Norborg (Appears only as a corpse)


  • Wainwright, Alaska
  • Arctic Ocean



  • Snowcat

Synopsis for the 1st Story

Scully notice the vampire's presence and quickly kills it with Igor's gun. Other vampires appears and charges for Scully.

At the sheriff's office, Mulder and Dimitri finds a terrified Officer Santoro who informs them that he has been hiding when the vampires attacked and killed everyone in Wainwright, including the Inuits and his family, and insists they must leave. Igor arrives at the office and tells them that Scully has been killed. Everyone return to where Scully was and finds three charred vampire corpses, Igor's gun, and Scully's FBI ID card. Mulder doesn't believe that his partner is dead, but Igor asserts that she is gone given from the amount of blood found on the scene. Santoro breaks down and loudly insists they must leave and head for the local airport. The men, much to Mulder's reluctance, agrees to this and take a snowcat to the airport.

But on the way, they come across the creature that was freed from Norborg's cave. Santoro, hysterical, jumps out of the snowcat and attempts to kill the creature but is rip in half by the monster. The monster then tackles the snowcat and causing it to turn over. Mulder and Dimitri are propel out of the vehicle, and Igor is trap under and is at the mercy of the creature. Igor pulls out a grenade from his jacket and detonates it, killing himself and along with the creature. Mulder walks to the snowcat's fiery remains and finds the creature's decapitated head, which is barely alive. Mulder then throws it into the scorching fire from the snowcat. He then sees to Dimitri, who is knocked out from the blast, and heads into a greenhouse to call for help.

As Mulder enters the building he is confronted and attacked by a vampire French. Fortunately, Scully arrives and saves Mulder by turning on the greenhouse's ultra-violet lights which incinerates French. She sees to Mulder just as the lights suddenly turn off and they are then surrounded by the vampires. However, for unknown reasons, they suddenly leave and the vampire girl who was 'rescue' by Scully waves goodbye to the agents.

A conscious Dimitri went to the location of the ice-cutter and finds it gone. He goes to an awaiting helicopter and asking the pilot to take themselves back to Russia.

Much later, Mulder and Scully have return to Washington where they disclose the events at Wainwright in which the town has been closed off and the surviving locals relocated. Orkrose's body is transferred and French's death has been covered up. Mulder knows that this case isn't over and fear the likely scenario of a vampire epidemic. Director Walter Skinner walks in and tells them that he needs to collect all files and information pertaining to the Arctic, and including Captain Norborg's book, as they are being taken over by another different agency. Skinner also tells them that they are being sent to a case in Amarillo, Texas concerning a man who was melted in broad daylight at a diner witnessed by its patrons.

Meanwhile, a vampire Orkrose is detain at an underground military detainment center somewhere in Nevada. Orkrose tells his handlers, including a man bound in a wheelchair, that he is curious of what they should do with him, and promises that he will escape sometime in the future.

Somewhere in the Arctic Ocean, the vampires on the ice-cutter plot their next destination: Barrow.


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