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Xanthu is one of the oldest colonies settled by the humans of Earth.


Xanthu is one of the oldest colonies settled by the humans of Earth.

The planet has developed into one of the most advanced planet in the United Planets. The planet flourished and became home various scientist and inventors famed throughout the galaxy. It is also one of the most densely populated after Earth, with it's people mostly living in cities.

Due to its unusually clear atmosphere, this planet is very popular with astronomers. In fact, numerous space stations orbit this world of stargazers.

Xanthu is ruled by the Tribune, a hereditary ruler. But still has an active parliament as all United Planets members must have some form of democracy to be a member.

Xanthu was the home the famed Legion of Super-Heroes members such as Starboy and the first Kid Quantum. The planet also boasts it own superhero team the Uncanny Amazers. The team consisted of Atom'X, Insect Queen, Kid Quantum II, Konk, and Monstress. The Amazers recently defended Xanthu from the alien Robotica.

Points of Interest

Xan City


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