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in: Issues Rated M, Comics Published by Vertigo, Karen Berger/Executive Editor J.G. Jones/Cover Artist, Brian K. Vaughan/Writer, Pia Guerra/Penciler, José Marzan, Jr./Inker, Pamela Rambo/Colourist, Clem Robins/Letterer, Zachary Rau/Editor, Heidi MacDonald/Editor, Yorick Brown (Y: The Last Man)/Quotes, Yorick Brown (Y: The Last Man)/Appearances, Agent 355 (Y: The Last Man)/Appearances, Allison Mann (Y: The Last Man)/Appearances, Ampersand (Y: The Last Man)/Appearances, Elizabeth Deville (Y: The Last Man)/Appearances, Yedida Tse'Elon (Y: The Last Man)/Appearances, Hero Brown (Y: The Last Man)/Appearances, Jennifer Brown (Y: The Last Man)/Appearances, Agent 1033 (Y: The Last Man)/Appearances, New York City Police Department/Appearances, Africa/Appearances, Kenya/Appearances, Australia/Appearances, Brazil/Appearances, São Paulo/Appearances, Italy/Appearances, Rome/Appearances, Vatican City/Appearances, Japan/Appearances, Jordan/Appearances, Massachusetts/Appearances, Boston/Appearances, Netherlands/Appearances, Amsterdam/Appearances, New York City/Appearances, Brooklyn/Appearances, Texas/Appearances, Houston/Appearances, Russia/Appearances, Saint Petersburg/Appearances, Washington, D.C./Appearances, National Mall/Appearances, Capitol Building/Appearances, White House/Appearances, West Bank/Appearances, Nablus/Appearances, Comics, 2002, 2002, September, July 17, 2002 (Publication), 2002, July (Publication), Y: The Last Man Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written, Vertigo

Y: The Last Man Vol 1 1


Y: The Last Man Vol 1 1

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"Unmanned (Part I of V)": In Brooklyn, Yorick Brown has a long-distance telephone conversation with his girlfriend Beth Deville. Beth is currently exploring the Australian outback. Yorick is an unemployed escape artist wh

Quote1 Did you know Elvis had a twin brother? Quote2
-- Yorick Brown

Appearing in "Unmanned (Part I of V)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Unnamed masked assassins (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Joe (First appearance) (Dies)
  • Christopher Emanuel (Single appearance) (Dies)
  • Frozan Hamad (Single appearance) (Dies)
  • Marty (Single appearance) (Dies)
  • Michael Gilman (Single appearance) (Dies)
  • Sunil (First appearance) (Dies)
  • Tommy (Single appearance) (Dies)
  • Larry (Single appearance) (Dies)
  • Darin (Only appearance; dies)
  • Unnamed female NYPD Officer (First appearance) (Dies)



  • Amulet of Helene (First appearance)


Synopsis for "Unmanned (Part I of V)"

In Brooklyn, Yorick Brown has a long-distance telephone conversation with his girlfriend Beth Deville. Beth is currently exploring the Australian outback. Yorick is an unemployed escape artist who owns a Capuchin monkey named Ampersand. Yorick asks Beth to marry him when suddenly their telephone call is cut short.

In Washington, D.C., Yorick's mother, Jennifer Brown, is a United States House representative. On the steps of the Capital Building, she gets into an argument with a U.S. Senator concerning a pending abortion rights bill.

In Nablus in the West Bank, a team of embedded reporters tries to conduct an interview with a female soldier named Colonel Tse'Elon. Tse'Elon is in the midst of a firefight with a group of violent nationals, but agrees to conduct the interview anyway.

In Jordan, a special ops agent known only as 355 enters the home of Doctor Frozan Hamad. She tells Hamad that she is in great danger and that she is here to protect her. Hamad responds, citing that she has been in danger all her life and does not need or want anyone's protection. Agent 355 tells her that there are those who seek to kill her to obtain the Amulet of Helene, which hangs below Hamad's neck. Seconds later, a group of masked men enter through the window and shoot Frozan Hamad. Agent 355 kills them, but she is too late. Hamad is dead. She grabs the amulet and regroups with her extraction team.

In Boston, Doctor Allison Mann admits herself to the maternity ward of a hospital. She is going into labor and is about to give birth to her own clone. Elsewhere in the city, Yorick's sister Hero Brown works as an EMT. She is romantically involved with a firefighter named Joe and preparing to have sex in the back of an ambulance. A call comes in, and Joe is forced to cut the dalliance short.

Suddenly, all across the world, all of the male members of the species, including animals, begin having violent seizures. They cough up heavy amounts of blood then fall over dead. The only members of the male gender who appear to survive the pandemic are Yorick and Ampersand the monkey.


  • First appearance of all characters.
  • Hero's boyfriend Joe appears here following his behind the scenes mention in a chronologically earlier flashback in issue #26; he appears next as a corpse in a later flashback in that issue. He should not be confused with Joe the astronaut, who first appears in issue #10.
  • The unnamed female NYPD officer who appears in this issue commits suicide at the end of this story. She appears next, as a corpse, in flashback in issue #20.


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