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"Gehenna": Alter learns through interrogation that Yorick was last seen heading to France.

Quote1 Then I Suppose You Have No Idea Where These Diapers Came From? There's More Fresh Shit In These Than In Your Story Quote2
-- Tse'Elon

Appearing in "Gehenna"

Featured Characters:

  • None

Supporting Characters:

  • Sadie (Flashback only)
  • Rachel (Flashback only) (Single appearance) (Dies)
  • Jennifer Brown (Flashback only) (Behind the scenes)


  • Yedida Tse'Elon (Flashback and main story)
  • Unnamed female suicide bomber (Flashback only) (Single appearance) (Dies)

Other Characters:

  • Heather Hartle (Final appearance)
  • Heidi Hartle (Final appearance)
  • Tse'Elon's women
  • Eyad (Flashback only) (Single appearance)
  • Yehuda (Flashback only) (Single appearance)
  • Galit (Flashback only) (Single appearance) (Behind the scenes)
  • Unnamed Israeli colonel (Flashback only) (Single appearance)
  • Unnamed camp counselor (Flashback only) (Single appearance)
  • Palestinian women (Flashback only) (Single appearance)


  • Dove's Nest camp (Flashback only)



Synopsis for "Gehenna"

Alter learns through interrogation that Yorick was last seen heading to France.


  • This issue is collected in the Y: The Last Man - Kimono Dragons trade paperback.
  • This is one of only three issues of Y: The Last Man, where the title character, Yorick Brown, does not appear at all.
  • The story of Alter Tse'Elon's sister Rachel, who dies behind the scenes in flashback in this story, has a striking similarity to American protester Rachel Corrie, who died the same way Tse'Elon's sister was revealed to have died as the story of Tse'Elon's past unfolds.


  • No trivia.

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