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Yakuza are members of Japanese organized crime groups.


Yakuza are members of Japanese organized crime groups.

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Gotham City

During the infamous gang war, a man named Akahara ran the Yakuza in Gotham City. He attended a gang-leader summit that went wrong, and was shot dead next to his katana-wielding bodyguard.[1] His replacement, Niko, protected the gang from a takeover attempt by Orpheus.[2]

The Yakuza gang were heavy damaged during the gang war and after it ended, they pledged loyalty to Black Mask, the new undisputed crimelord of Gotham.[3]

One of the first criminal acts under Black Mask's command, was the reactivation of the drug trade in the city with help from Mad Hatter's mind controlling hats. Batman found a fraction of the gang and stopped their crime spree.[4]

Los Angeles

The Los Angeles branch of the Tokyo Yakuza was autonomously run by the octogenarian oyabun, Shoko Ishiguro. Clan Ishiguro was a profitable organization, controlling a large portion of the heroin trade while expanding into prostitution and pornography. It was all run from the legitimate company, Ishiguro Technologies.[5]

The powerful criminal operation was dismantled entirely in just a matter of days, after Ishiguro's young saiko-komon, Ame Okumura, was inadvertently possessed by the demon, Etrigan, inciting a disastrous chain of events.[6]


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