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Young Justice: Sins of Youth Vol 1 2


Young Justice: Sins of Youth Vol 1 2

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"Sins of Youth: The Stunning Conclusion": All the heroes and villains with their ages mixed up are locked in an epic battle with Klarion the Witch Boy at the center of it. The heroes are eventually able to coerce him into restoring their ages back to normal by threa

Quote1 Weird transformations ... mob scenes of heroes ... everything coming unglued ... Why does stuff like this seem to happen every fifth week or so? Quote2
-- Steel

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Synopsis for "Sins of Youth: The Stunning Conclusion"

All the heroes and villains with their ages mixed up are locked in an epic battle with Klarion the Witch Boy at the center of it. The heroes are eventually able to coerce him into restoring their ages back to normal by threatening his familiar, Teekl. So Klarion ends the spell for everyone on Earth … which doesn't include Lobo, who has now gone from the Main Man to the Top Tot.


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