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Young Justice Vol 1 11

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"Siege Perilous": Red Tornado visits his wife Kathy Sutton at the hospital. She is in a coma and the doctors have no idea if she might wake up again. But even worse is the fact that a social worker wants to take away [[Traya Sutton (New

Quote1 Well then — ?! If we only went places we were wanted, we'd never go anywhere! Quote2
-- Impulse

Appearing in "Siege Perilous"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Tomlinson (Single appearance)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Siege Perilous"

Red Tornado visits his wife Kathy Sutton at the hospital. She is in a coma and the doctors have no idea if she might wake up again. But even worse is the fact that a social worker wants to take away Traya from the care of her father. And agents Donald Fite and Ishido Maad are making sure Red Tornado is not taking any drastic measures before this case goes to court.

Meanwhile, Young Justice is enojoying some free time in the cave where they have created a swimming pool. Arrowette thinks its odd calling Secret by her codename all the time. After some discussion Secret takes on the name Suzie. Robin receives information from Red Tornado regarding his situation and he wants Young Justice to stay put.

At the court, Red Tornado has a tough time because the judge compares him to an automobile. In the end, he orders that Traya is to be placed in foster care. As Traya begins to scream, Red Tornado grabs his daughter with the intention to flee. But Fite 'n Maad have implemented a null field around the courthouse to prevent that.

The situation is quickly mentioned in TV news, so Robin calls Red Tornado, but the android still insists that Young Justice does not interfere. Of course, the youngsters do not listen and decide to visit the court without putting costumes on. When the team arrives at the courthouse, Secret frightens the people surrounding the buidling. The inflicted chaos forces Fite 'n Maad to lower the null field in some places which gives Impulse and Superboy a chance to enter the courthouse. Secret takes off to the hospital though. She has a plan and to set it in motion she enters Kathy Sutton's body through her nose.

While Impulse explains the situation outside to Red Tornado, Superboy works on opening the null field for the android and his daughter. Kon-El sets himself on fire and when Fite 'n Maad lower the null field in his area to supposedly save him, Red Tornado is able to leave with Traya in his arms. By now Fite 'n Maad have figured out that Young Justice is responsible for the attack on the courthouse. And while Red Tornado is gone, Fite 'n Maad and additional agents of the A.P.E.S. have surrounded Young Justice ...


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