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"Heck's Angels, Part 3: Dis, Dat and De Other": Supergirl is being attacked by Young Justice who are mind-controlled by Dante's succubi. Supergirl tries to talk sense into Robin, but j

Quote1 Okay, Robin. It's obvious you're not in your right mind. Otherwise you wouldn't be trying a frontal assault on me. Quote2
-- Supergirl

Appearing in "Heck's Angels, Part 3: Dis, Dat and De Other"

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Synopsis for "Heck's Angels, Part 3: Dis, Dat and De Other"

Supergirl is being attacked by Young Justice who are mind-controlled by Dante's succubi. Supergirl tries to talk sense into Robin, but just gets head-butted as an answer. When Supergirl uses her heat vision on the creature on Robin's back, the leader of Young Justice screams in pain as well.

Meanwhile, Red Tornado stands in a cell of the Cook County Jailhouse. The guards are a little freaked out because the android seems to be talking to himself. Instead he actually has a conversation with Martian Manhunter. The telepath offers Red Tornado help from the JLA, but the android refuses and suggests Captain Marvel as the successing teacher for Young Justice. Fite and Maad arrive and offer Red Tornado his freedom if he gives them the mist girl. But Red Tornado says that he does not know the girl they talk about. After Fite and Maad left angrily, the android is visited by a Mort and Amelia Hibbert. They are activists calling themselves "Old Justice" and they are concerned about all the children the android is involved with.

Back in the cavern, Dante realizes that Supergirl might be an Earthborn - a being he was warned about by Dis. Dante leaves to seek more help, but Supergirl fights off the teens and follows him. Young Justice do not follow them as well. Instead, Robin has the vil idea to wreak havoc in Supergirl's hometown Leesburg.

Secret is still sleeping in the hospital in Chicago. She has a dream of a girl taking a bath, but then a boy enters the bathroom and throws a boom box into the water. A shocked Secret awakes screaming loudly. She has to flee quickly out of the hospital, but Kathy Sutton saw her leave and recognizes she saw this girl in her dreams.

At the same time, Supergirl catches up with Dante, but is also confronted by the being called Dis ...



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