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Young Justice Vol 1 14


Young Justice Vol 1 14

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"Like Heck, You Say; or, Crossovers are Heck!": Secret begins floating about the empty Secret Sanctuary. She feels that something is terribly wrong of a supernatural nature, but cannot understand what it could be. Suddenly, her spectral form begins icing over and

Quote1 Shut up! I mean it! Super or not, I'll deck you if you don't shut up! Quote2
-- Robin

Appearing in "Like Heck, You Say; or, Crossovers are Heck!"

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Synopsis for "Like Heck, You Say; or, Crossovers are Heck!"

Secret begins floating about the empty Secret Sanctuary. She feels that something is terribly wrong of a supernatural nature, but cannot understand what it could be. Suddenly, her spectral form begins icing over and she is frozen into place.

Meanwhile, Young Justice tries to contain a volcano that has spontaneously erupted into the middle of a city street. Impulse contains the lava with a high-speed air cushion and Superboy and Wonder Girl dig a burrow around the volcano to catch the lava flow. Arrowette fires three liquid nitrogen arrows that seals the top of the peak. The town was saved, unfortunately, Young Justice weren't able to save many others, including Blue Point.

In Chicago, the city is being overrun by demons and Deputy Mayor Louis Fisher offers the incarcerated Red Tornado a full pardon in exchange for his assistance. Tornado agrees, and blows the doors to his own cell. He flies off into the city and begins tackling the demons.

Young Justice return to the Secret Sanctuary, but they cannot find Secret. They explore the cave until they finally find her frozen body. Suddenly, their old foe Harm appears and smashes Secret's frozen form. The teen heroes dogpile on top of Harm, and Secret's spirit slowly reconstitutes itself. Secret remembers that Harm is her brother and he killed her.

Secret wraps Harm within the tendrils of her spectral matter and flies off with him. She flies him to the top of a nearby mountain where they have their final battle. Young Justice arrives moments later, but they are too late. It appears that the two wraith-like beings have destroyed each other. What they don't realize is that Secret's essence is now in the possession of agents Fite and Maad.



  • All of the advertising seen in the town is a reference to either Armageddon or something extremely hot.

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This comic issue is a part of the "Day of Judgment" crossover event that took place in 1999. Day of Judgment involved the rogue Angel Asmodel being bonded to the Spectre Force, and using his powers to wreak havoc on the world, attempting to take vengeance against the Presence. Hell was frozen over, and both Demons and the Damned were released upon Earth. This template will automatically categorize articles that include it into the "Day of Judgment Crossover" category.