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Young Justice Vol 1 17


Young Justice Vol 1 17

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"Stuff Blows Up": Because of her recent actions, Arrowette has decided she can't be a hero anymore and cleans out her locker in the Young Justice cave. Neither her close friend Wonder Girl nor th

Quote1 It's the cape. Chicks dig the cape. Quote2
-- Robin

Appearing in "Stuff Blows Up"

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  • Judge Morris




Synopsis for "Stuff Blows Up"

Because of her recent actions, Arrowette has decided she can't be a hero anymore and cleans out her locker in the Young Justice cave. Neither her close friend Wonder Girl nor the eratic Impulse are able to change her mind and so she will not accompany the team when trying to rescue Secret. Before finally leaving, Cissie gives Robin a big kiss.

Young Justice flies off in the Super-Cycle, but Red Tornado is just returning to the headquarters and able to catch up to them. But Superboy just punches the android and despite not agreeing with his actions, Robin accelerates the Super-Cycle on the way to Mount Rushmore.

Inside the A.P.E.S. laboratory, Secret is being tortured by scientists and Special Agent Fite reminds them that Secret is not a person but the most frightening thing he ever has witnessed. Meanwhile, Young Justice has arrived outside and both Robin and Impulse enter the structure through Lincoln's nose to do some reconnaissance. Superboy is not happy to be left behind and he openly questions Robin's leadership abilities in front of Wonder Girl.

While Robin is hiding in a vent, Impulse races through the laboratory. After spotting Secret, Bart returns to Robin who orders Superboy and Wonder Girl to hold their position. But to Robin's dismay, the teammates outside do not obey and instead come crashing through the wall and start fighting the A.P.E.S. agents. Superboy tells Robin that he told them to come which makes Robin speculate that the A.P.E.S. hacked into their communication. Now, Young Justice just have to fight and try to free Secret. The heroes are able to break open her glass cage, but Secret goes unconscious in the process. Superboy continues to ignore Robin's orders and, thus, the team nearly gets trapped in a force field set up by one of the scientists. Secret awakes and immediately enters the body of the scientist making his eyes turn black. As more agents arrive, Superboy has had enough and destroys the nose of George Washington using his tactile telekinesis.

With the Super-Cycle waiting outside, Young Justice is able to escape, but news reporters were already at the monument and on the next day, the newspapers will accuse Young Justice of destroying a national shrine. When members of Old Justice are reading this, they feel it is time for Phase 2 ...


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