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"Revolting Developments": After the incident at Mount Rushmore, several politicians in Washington plan to do something about teenage superheroes. At the Young Justice cave, the team discusses the issue that is Secret. She finally remembers who

Quote1 We know we're right, but what's the point in being right if we're not willing to fight for it? Quote2
-- Robin

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Synopsis for "Revolting Developments"

After the incident at Mount Rushmore, several politicians in Washington plan to do something about teenage superheroes. At the Young Justice cave, the team discusses the issue that is Secret. She finally remembers who she is, but she wants to keep her secrets just as Robin wants to keep his true identity hidden as well. Secret also tells them that she does not know what happened to Harm before she got to the A.P.E.S. laboratory. Red Tornado arrives and then they discuss recent media outlets. The android thinks that the young heroes need to show respect to gain respect. Robin suggests talking to the media, but according to Red Tornado it may already be too late to set things straight. Superman requests Red Tornado to come to the Watchtower. Robin agrees that Young Justice will stay at their headquarters while the android is gone. But he also says that the team will defend their point of view.

Meanwhile, Cissie (with Cassie's mom Helena Sandsmark by her side) tells her mother that she gave up on being a superhero. Bonnie is baffled because she thinks Cissie always wanted to be her successor. When Cissie laughs at her, she gets slapped by her mother and Helena immediately intervenes. Helena takes Cissie with her, resulting in Bonnie first smashing a photo of Arrowette and then starting to cry.

Ine the cave, Young Justice decides to talk to CDTV reporter Ace Atchinson to get their story across. As Robin will not go public, he appoints Wonder Girl to represent the team as a spokesperson. The team immediately calls Ace who eagerly agrees doing an interview with them. But then they are interrupted by a group of intruders calling themselves the Point Men. Impulse gets teleported away by Short Cut and then the fight between the two teams is on. Superboy takes no prisoners but destroys much of the team's equipment as well. In combination with the duel of Secret and Blank Slate this leads to a fire followed by a huge explosion in the cave ...


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  • A newspaper editor calling out to Robbie is similar to Spider-Man's J. Jonah Jameson.

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