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"Down Under Where": Cissie King-Jones visits Young Justice and tells them she is part of a team again. But she does not rejoin Young Justice, instead she is now part of the U.S. archery team competing at the Olympic Games in Austra

Quote1 I knew it! Curse you, Teen Titans! Quote2
-- Impulse

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Synopsis for "Down Under Where"

Cissie King-Jones visits Young Justice and tells them she is part of a team again. But she does not rejoin Young Justice, instead she is now part of the U.S. archery team competing at the Olympic Games in Australia. Her friends congratulate Cissie who for the first time is thankful to her mother because she came up with the idea of participating. Robin does not like the idea of Young Justice going to Australia as well, but in the end he gets overruled by his teammates.

Another person will trave to Australia as well: Agent Donald Fite! And his teenage daughter Anita will accompany him while Agent Ishido Maad looks out for his partner's house.

On the airplane heading to Australia, Cissie meets two other members of the U.S. archery team. One is a nice girl named Natalie who is deaf and the other is the team's star Tina Thomas. Tina is surrounded by reporters and interestingly its Cissie's mom who calls her a gloryhound (right before stepping in front of the cameras herself).

TV reporter Ace Atchinson is in Sydney as well. His cameraman is filming Bonnie as she angrily speaks to someone who in Ace's view looks like a supervillain.

When the opening ceremony starts, Young Justice is in the stadium in civilian clothes and Secret hides in the field glasses which Robin is using. Agent Fite sits right beside them. He immediately recognizes Young Justice and introduces his daughter to them. Cassie thinks that Anita somehow looks familiar to her. The ceremony ends with a surprise because the athletes of the final country to march in belong to the criminal state of Zandia. It seems like Zandia's supervillains are looking to score some gold medals during these Olympics ...


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