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"When the Bow Breaks ...": At night, U.S. star archer Tina Thomas is walking around in the Olympic camp until she gets attacked by another female resulting in a broken arm.

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Appearing in "When the Bow Breaks ..."

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Mr. Thompkins (Single appearance)
  • Natalie Rodriguez
  • Tina Thomas
  • Tony Rodriguez




Synopsis for "When the Bow Breaks ..."

At night, U.S. star archer Tina Thomas is walking around in the Olympic camp until she gets attacked by another female resulting in a broken arm.

Next day, Young Justice is surprised that the country of Zandia is allowed to compete in the Olympics. Wonder Girl knows all supervillains of the team - most of them pose a definite challenge in the archery contest. They do not know yet that the Brain plans to sabotage the U.S. archery team in exchange for The Baron to grow a new body for him.

Sudenly, security guards are escorting Cissie King-Jones and her Bonnie away because they are suspects regarding the attack on Tina Thomas. Robin immediately sends Secret to follow them into an interrogation room where Agent Donald Fite explains the accusations against Cissie's mother. The case is built on a video from TV reporter Ace Atchinson which shows Bonnie speaking to Merlyn. The video lacks sound tracks and Bonnie claims that she was just threatening Merlyn to stay away from her daughter. Fite feels that Bonnie is not guilty, but she has no alibi and, thus, Cissie will not be allowed to compete in the games.

While Superboy investigates a lead on his own, Robin comes up with the idea to find a lip reader who is able to confirm what Cissie's mother actually said on the tape. As Cissie's deaf teammate Natalie is a natural lip reader, she is the obvious choice. In front of Agent Fite and the Olympic Games committee Natalie assures that Bonnie did not talk to Merlyn to hire him.

At the same time, Superboy who still is without his original powers has gotten himself in a battle with the athletes of Zandia. First, he gets unexpected help by Empress and shortly after that the other members of Young Justice join the fight as well. The battle lasts for some minutes, but then the villains are defeated after a sudden and very short appearance by the powerful JLA.

Later, Tina Thomas can confirm that she was attacked by Hazard. But a man called Mr. Tompkins, who also has a deal with the Baron, convinced the committee to only disqualify Hazard while the other athletes of Zandia may continue to participate in the Olympics ...


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