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Young Justice Vol 1 25


Young Justice Vol 1 25

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"Gold Standard": Shortly before the start of the archery contest, Cissie King-Jones and her mother Bonnie make up with each other. Bonnie was sad that Cissie actually thought she had been orchestrating the attack on Tina Thomas. Bonn

Quote1 Thanks. And I ... this will sound so amateurish ... but, well ... you're big fans of mine — I mean ... heh ... oh, mon. You know what I mean. Quote2
-- Anita Fite

Appearing in "Gold Standard"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Traya Sutton (in picture only)
  • Mrs. Marshank (Single appearance)
  • Natalie Rodriguez
  • Tina Thomas
  • Ali Ben Styn (thought bubble)


  • Salvador Dali Elementary School



  • Impulse's spaceship (First appearance)

Synopsis for "Gold Standard"

Shortly before the start of the archery contest, Cissie King-Jones and her mother Bonnie make up with each other. Bonnie was sad that Cissie actually thought she had been orchestrating the attack on Tina Thomas. Bonnie believes that no one in the Olympic Games will stop her daughter from being the best.

Young Justice again is in the crowd in civilian clothes as the archery contest is about to start. They are talking about Empress and ask themselves if Cissie is behind that superhero identity. Robin does not think so and he is right, because as Agent Donald Fite appears with his daughter Anita, he calls her "Empress". The embarassed look on Anita's face reveals that she is indeed Empress who helped Young Justice on different occasions. That is why they offer Anita a spot on team.

Meanwhile, Red Tornado and his wife Kathy Sutton are at their daughter's school to talk to the principal. At first it seems that Traya is in trouble, but then the principal says that results of an IQ test show Traya's intelligence is off the charts. Therefore, Red Tornado and his wife should think about sending Traya to a private school where she would be challenged more.

Back in Sydney, the contest begins and Bonnie is having a close eye on Zandia's athletes. Cissie is starting strong and hits bullseye. Then Bonnie spots the female villains named Huntress in the crowd. She is aiming an arrow in a converted umbrella right at Cissie. Bonnie reacts by throwing her lighter at the Huntress. It hits and as her hair ignites, the arrow goes off and hits Merlyn in the arm instead of Cissie. With him out of the contest, Cissie is able to win the gold medal in the end!

After Young Justice returns from Australia, Doiby Dickles visits their headquarters in the Catskill Mountains. Doiby confesses that he wishes he could return to Myrg. Just then, Impulse's present from Ali Ben Styn arrives, which turns out to be a large spaceship. So Young Justice decides to take Doiby to Myrg, and on the way, they run into Lobo, who's eager to join in any potential fights the heroes will face on Myrg.


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