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Young Justice Vol 1 27

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"Baseball Field: Myrg or 'There's a Saga Born Every Minute'": In the Saint Elias School for Girls, Cissie King-Jones and Traya return to their room which is now filled with a ton of fan mail for the olympic gold medalist. As Cis

Quote1 I'm on Myrg!! With super-heroes! Even though I don't do the super-hero thing anymore! This stinks!! Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in! Quote2
-- Cissie King-Jones

Appearing in "Baseball Field: Myrg or 'There's a Saga Born Every Minute'"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Prince Marieb
  • The Slag
  • K'rnd'g (First appearance)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Baseball Field: Myrg or 'There's a Saga Born Every Minute'"

In the Saint Elias School for Girls, Cissie King-Jones and Traya return to their room which is now filled with a ton of fan mail for the olympic gold medalist. As Cissie takes some letters out of a stack, an avalanche of paper buries her and when Traya tries to diger her roommate out, she finds out that Cissie has mysteriously vanished.

Shortly after that, Cissie finds herself teleported on to a baseball field located on the planet Myrg. Wonder Girl approaches her and explains that Young Justice will have to play a baseball game against some aliens to save a planet. They need a ninth team member and when Cassie thought of Cissie, the Slag used their telepath and matter transmitter machine to transport Cissie to Myrg. Although Cissie is happy to see her former teammates, she also is furious because Cassie could have come up with Superman or Wonder Woman instead.

After Doiby Dickles has given Robin a pep talk, the team walks onto the field. Princess Ramia is anxious because if her boyfriend Dobby and Young Justice win the game, Prince Marieb will have to leave the planet as well as the Slag. Impulse not only impresses as pitcher, but of course his speed is quite helpful after making a hit. In the dugout, Impulse emotionally tells Cissie about how Max Mercury almost died and that is why Bart is trying so hard recently.

Reaching the ninth inning, Young Justice leads with 11-0 runs, but then the Slag turn the game around because their visors enabled them to track Impulse's pitches and their gloves are speeding up their swings. With a 12-11 lead for the Slag, Robin puts Cissie on the mount and Young Justice finally is able to close the first half of the inning without giving up any more runs. However, they still need to score and the next three batters for Young Justice - Cissie, Doiby and Secret - have not hit anything the whole game ...


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