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"Harm's Way": Arrowette lies on the ground with an arrow sticking through her left shoulder. Responsible for that is a young man who calls himself Harm and intends to use Arrowette to get to [[Bartholomew Allen II (New Earth)|Impul

Quote1 Boy, don't you hate when people just take off and do whatever they feel like. … What?! What'd I say? Quote2
-- Impulse

Appearing in "Harm's Way"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Harm (First appearance)
  • Tora (First appearance)

Other Characters:


  • Pamplona



Synopsis for "Harm's Way"

Arrowette lies on the ground with an arrow sticking through her left shoulder. Responsible for that is a young man who calls himself Harm and intends to use Arrowette to get to Impulse. After Harm left, Arrowette cries out for help, but nothing happens until a flying vehicle throws a shadow on her.

Meanwhile, Young Justice is in Spain where they are able to catch a female thief named Tora. The three heroes celebrate their success but not only is the Super-Cycle missing, but Fite 'n' Maad are on site as well. The two agents want to get information on Secret, but the boys pretend total ignorance. Finally, the Super-Cycle reappears and Young Justice takes off before Fite 'n' Maad are able to further interrogate them. However, Superboy discovers a whole lot of blood on the backseat of their vehicle.

Somewhere else, Wonder Girl takes care of some boys who were torturing a cat. Suddenly Secret appears because she hopes she can be friends with Wonder Girl. Wonder Girl agrees to accompany Secret after she heard that she could introduce her to Superboy.

Back in their secret base, Young Justice tell Red Tornado about the blood they found, but the android already knows all about it because the Super-Cycle dropped off Arrowette here. Impulse quickly rushes to her and also uses his vibrational powers to take the arrow out of Arrowette's arm. The heroine tells Young Justice how she walked into the trap set up by Harm. Superboy is mad about this and quickly flies off to find the villain without further talking to his teammates.

It does not take Superboy long to find Harm who already attacks his next victim: Wonder Girl. Superboy saves the girl who obviously is a little enamoured with him. But Harm is tough - first he defeats Secret with an electrical charge and and then he knocks out Superboy using a special gas coming out of the hilt from his sword. Hearing the police sirens, Harm flees from the scene and to Fite 'n' Maad's chagrin, Secret and the two heroes are gone as well.

Back at the base of Young Justice, Secret asks the others for their help to rescue a group of beings which are just like her ...


Story is continued in Young Justice Secret Files #1.


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