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"First, Do No Harm": In the cave of Young Justice, Red Tornado is just sending a video letter to his little daughter when he gets attacked from behind by the young villain Harm. When the team returns to the c

Quote1 I still consider myself a super-villain in self-training ... although the fewer foolish superheroes that I have to deal with once I'm an adult ... the better! Quote2
-- Harm

Appearing in "First, Do No Harm"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Harm (Apparent Death)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "First, Do No Harm"

In the cave of Young Justice, Red Tornado is just sending a video letter to his little daughter when he gets attacked from behind by the young villain Harm. When the team returns to the cave on the Super-Cycle, Impulse is the first one to notice that they had an uninvited guest and that Red Tornado is gone. On the video screen they can watch a loop of Harm saying "Holy Beatles, kids!".

Because there is a Beatles convention nearby, Wonder Girl, Impulse and Secret take off to check that area out. They are not able to find Harm or any other clues about his potential plans. So Robin goes over the riddle again. Suddenly he realizes that Harm's real objective is none other than Pope John Paul II who is holding a midnight mass at St. Swithin's Cathedral. Therefore, Robin orders the away team to move to the church while him, Superboy and Arrowette take the Super-Cycle to fly there themselves.

This time, Robin is right. Red Tornado (somehow controlled by Harm) is disturbing the midnight mass and Impulse is the first one of the heroes to fight him. Wonder Girl tries to rescue the Pope, but leads him right into Harm's direction. Interestingly, Harm tells the heroes that he has planted a bomb within the Red Tornado. Then he easily defeats Wonder Girl, but before being able to deliver the death blow, Robin interferes. Harm considers him the toughest challenge of Young Justice and while they duel with each other, Superboy joins the fight against Red Tornado.

Secret pours herself into Red Tornado and with her information Impulse is able to vibrate the bomb out of the android's body. Then Bart immediately takes off to defuse the bomb in a place more safe. Meanwhile, Harm used a cheap shot to knock out Robin. As Harm tries to throw his opponent of the roof, Arrowette saves Robin with a trick arrow while the momentum pulls Harm down. During the fall Harm crashes into Impulse and while Wonder Girl catches Impulse, the bomb explodes in the air only damaging some windows nearby. Robin notices that Harm got away and he is not happy with his selfish decision to fight Harm by himself. When Young Justice and a "cured" Red Tornado return to their base, the core members of the JLA are already waiting for them and they demand an explanation.

Later, Harm (whose real name is Billy) returns home where his father awaits him. Billy has been mocking and threatening his parents for some time now and he makes no secret about his goal to become the greatest villain ever. But his father decided to do something about it and he shoots his son ...


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