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"Conferences": All members of Young Justice are out on a campout and enjoy their time together. The boys are surprised though that the girl's moms agreed on this gender-mixed campout.

Quote1 I am normal. It's the rest of the world that's weird. Quote2
-- Impulse

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Synopsis for "Conferences"

All members of Young Justice are out on a campout and enjoy their time together. The boys are surprised though that the girl's moms agreed on this gender-mixed campout.

Meanwhile, Red Tornado has invited all legal guardians of the kids to the first parent/teacher conference. This includes Bonnie King-Jones and Helena Sandsmark (the moms of Arrowette and Wonder Girl) as well as Dubbilex, Max Mercury and Nightwing. The latter arrives just in time to seperate the two moms who quickly have gotten into a violent discussion regarding the proper treatment of their respective children, merchandise rights,etc.

In the woods, Young Justice starts to play the game "Truth or Dare". Secret tells a weird story about a young D.E.O. lab assistant who kissed her and then ran away screaming after having looked into her eyes. After a short interruption caused by two drunk poachers which were scared away by Impulse and Secret, the kids continue to play their game. Robin is dared to remove his mask, but as always he came prepared and wears a second mask beneath the first one. After this they talk about living normal lives. According to Robin, only a utopian planet without crime would make him hang up his cape. Superboy tells his friends that he loves it to stay at his age forever, but the others quickly realize that Kon-El is in complete denial about that.

Back at the cave, Red Tornado finally is able to tell the children's guardians how well the team is bonding. Then another discussion starts about the necessity of Red Tornado always accompanying the team to keep an eye on them. The android does not think this will be necessary all the time, Helena and Max argue against that. Red Tornado agrees that risks exist for Young Justice. He asks if anybody wants to withdraw his/her child from the team, but nobody answers with yes. As Max says something about the campout, the two moms realize that their girls are at the same campout with the boys and furiously march off to find them. But when they arrive in the woods, they find boys and girls sleeping peacefully in different tents. They see no reason to wake them up ...


  • Although she has long since retired from super-heroing, Bonnie King-Jones arrives at the conference in full costume.


  • The Young Justice members use Arrowette's arrows to roast hot dogs over an open fire.

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